Othello – Trust & betrayal

3 points for Trust and betrayal Trust transforms to deceit O&DO is too trusting of II feels betrayed by O
What is the A02 point for deceit between O&D? Structural demise from climax of love to bathos of death and ruination
What does D describe O as? ‘Noble Moor”My souls joy!’
What determines their love more than physicality for D? ‘I see Othello’s visage in my mind’I am ‘true in mind’
How does O initially describe D? ‘I love the gentle Desdemona”she gave me for my pains a world of sighs”she loved me for the dangers I had passed’
How does the endearing language change? Becomes hyperbolic and dramatic
What contrasting quotes does O call D? ‘*****”she was a fool!”to loathe her’
What quotes link to the ruination of marriage? ‘O curse of marraige’
Where in the play is O’s turning point against D? Act 3 scene 3 ‘I think my wife is honest, and think she is not’
Quote O uses to describe D’s metaphorical transformation? ‘Her name that was as fresh as Dian’s visage, is now begrimed and black as mine own face’
What is the A03 link for position of D? She put herself in danger going against the unconventional means of marrying a black man. James 1 rule- time of unrest ‘moors in realm…annoyance of people’ stereotypical racist view
What is the A04? The Book of Sir Thomas More ‘nation of barbarous temper’ ‘with their detested knives against your throats’ 1596-1601
What is the A05? Neill ‘to ignore race is to efface something fundamental to the tragedy”Old stereotype lurks’ Magnam
What is the A02 for O is too trusting of I? I’s use of powerful and persuasive rhetoric reveals O’s hamartia .
Examples of I’s rhetoric which creates a great dramatic irony ”what I have spoken comes from my love””honest…just…good””I am bound to you forever” my thoughts ‘say they are vile and false as where’s that palace whereinto foul things”
Contrasting quotes to show O’s weak diction and lack of lexical space ”precious villain””forget your duty””honestly and love doth mince this matter”
What is A03 link? Typical of Aristotle tragedy- ends in catastrophe and protagonist must have a fatal flaw- ‘error of human frailty’
What is the A04 link? Cordelia in ‘King Lear’ also make a fatal flaw in being banished due to not flattering Lear and obeying him which ultimately leads to her death
What is the A05 link? O is psychologically manipulated unleashing arguably innate aggressive tendancies
What is the A02 link for I feels betrayed by O? Honesty is depicted through the structure of a soliloquy
Quotes to show I’s frustration? ‘His soul is enfetted to her love”I play the villain”emesh them all’
I quotes to show jealousy towards C? ‘ I know my price… I am worth no worse a place’ ‘mere prattle without practise”i follow him to serve my turn upon him”will wear my heart on my sleeve’
What is the A03 link? I challenges the great chain of being and disrupts the natural order and this could be how conflict ensues
What is the A04 link? Richard 111 soliloquy who is also a Machiavellian villain ‘ I am determined to prove a villain’ ‘ I am rudely stamped’
What is the A05 link? MARX- Iago disturbs societal hierarchy and therefore the cause of conflict and manipulation
What is the A05 critic for I feels betrayed by O? ‘Jealousy trains us to look with intensity not accuracy’