Othello tragedy map

Incentive moment Othello passes Iago over for the position of lieutenant.
Hamartia Othello’s flaw is his passionate love for Desdemona.
Catastrophe Emilia is murdered by Iago; Othello is striped of his title/position and taken into custody.
Desis Othello’s wedding night is interrupted by Brabantio; Othello defends himself to the Duke; Othello’s fires Cassio because of the fight; Othello’s sees Cassio walking away from Desdemona; Othello’s receives Iago’s “poison” (Desdemona’s “nature,” her betrayal of her father; Cassie’s dream; Iago seeing Cassio with the handkerchief).
Lusis Othello interrogates Desdemona about the handkerchief; Othello hears Cassio speaking of Desdemona and see him with her handkerchief; Othello slaps Desdemona; Othello interrogated Emilia; Othello accuses Desdemona of being a *****.
Catharsis Othello’s catharsis is seen in his final monologue ( V, ii, 390-408).
Climax Othello vows to kill Cassio and Desdemona.
Period teia Othello kills Desdemona thinking that he is serving in greater good, saving men from Desdemona.
Resolution Othello learns of parts of Iago’s plan through the letters found on Rederigo; Othello commits suicide; Cassio becomes ruler of Cyprus; Othello’s fortune passes to Gratiano; Iago is arrested and going to be tortured.
Greatness within the hero Othello is a renowned general in the military and of noble lineage.
Anagnorisis Othello realizes that Desdemona was truly innocent after learning about the story of the handkerchief.