Othello Text Study Guide

Iago is on a street in Venice discussing Othello with Roderigo
Iago admits that he is bitter towards Othello because instead of promoting Iago to the position of lieutenant, Othello chooses to promote Cassio
Iago and Roderigo decide to wake Brabantio to tell him that “thieves” have stolen _____________ from Brabantio’s house. Desdemona
Brabantio is scornful toward Roderigo because Roderigo already asked to marry Desdemona
Roderigo leaves with Brabantio in order to find Othello and Desdemona
Before the officers arrive, Iago warns Othello that Brabantio plans to put Othello in jail
Brabantio assumes Othello must have used _____________ to persuade Desdemona. spells, witchcraft, or drugs
Othello, Brabantio, and the other attendants head to meet with _______________ to hopefully solve their dispute. the Duke
The Senators and military personnel discuss _____________ before Brabantio and Othello enter. the Turk invasion
Othello says that only ______________ can clear up the confusion regarding his marriage. Desdemona
Othello tells the Senators that Brabantio would often ask him questions about ____________, and Desdemona would overhear the conversations. his past
Desdemona explains to everyone that she loves Othello and wants to be with him
The Duke tells Othello that he is needed to go to defend Cyprus from the Turks
The Duke firsts suggests that Desdemona reside with _________ while Othello is away at war. Barbantio
Othello ultimately leaves Desdemona in the care of Iago
Privately, Roderigo threatens to end his own life by drowning
Iago encourages Roderigo to ______________ while Roderigo waits for Desdemona’s marriage to end. sell his fortunes and move to Cyprus
Roderigo vows to sell all of his fortunes
Iago privately vows to destroy the following two men: Othello and Cassio
Iago plans to trick Othello into believing that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio
During their bravely won battles at sea, Cassio and Othello are separated because of a bad storm
Cassio arrives first and gives ____________ a friendly greeting with a kiss. Desdemona and Emilia
Iago, Desdemona, and Emilia discuss Iago’s displeasure with Emilia’s actions
Through an aside, Iago compares Cassio to a poisonous mineral
Iago claims that Desdemona will fall out of love with Othello probably because it is not love, just lust
Iago then explains that Desdemona’s next love interest will probably be Cassio
Iago convinces Roderigo to find a way to provoke Cassio so that he will fight Roderigo and get on the bad side of Othello
Privately, Iago admits that he loves Desdemona
Again, Iago thinks he can send Othello into a jealous rage by convincing him that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio
The herald announced publicly that the two reasons for widespread celebration are the failed Turk invasion and the marriage of Othello and Desdemona
The herald relays that in order to celebrate, Othello suggests the following activities: a feast and all offices to be open
The herald says that the celebration will begin at five and end at eleven
Iago and Cassio agree that Desdemona is a exquisite lady
Cassio thinks that Iago’s singing is wonderful
Iago encourages Cassio to drink alcohol because he should have fun and celebrate but actually because he cant handle alcohol very well
Othello fires Cassio because he fights with Montano
Iago suggests that Cassio should ask for help from ___________ in order to regain his position with Othello. Desdemona
Based on his soliloquy, Iago plans to tell Othello that Cassio and Desdemona are getting to close to one another
Roderigo plans to return to Venice because he has given up and has no money
Iago plans to get his wife Emilia to “move for Cassio”
The clown wants the musicians to stop playing their music
Emilia agrees to help Cassio to persuade Othello to forgive him
Othello sends a message through Iago to the Senate
Desdemona urges Othello to invite ____________ to dinner very soon cassio
Iago reminds Othello that Desdemona deceived her own father because Iago wants Othello to think that she is not loyal and trustworthy
Othello says he’d rather be a toad than be who he is because he believed Desdemona was honest and loyal
Iago has convinced his wife Emilia to steal Desdemona’s handkerchief
Othello is now convinced that Desdemona is having an affair
Othello charges Iago to find proof Desdemona is cheating with Cassio
Within three days, Othello wants to know that Iago can prove that Desdemona is having an affair
The fair devil referenced in line 475 is to Desdemona
Othello promotes Iago to the position of lieutenant
Desdemona thinks that Othello is simply trying to change the subject when Othello mentions the handkerchief
Iago compares Othello to a canon to indicate that he is a hot head
Cassio returns to Desdemona because he wants Desdemona to talk to Othello on his own behalf
Desdemona suspects that Othello’s change in behavior may be because of matters of state with Venice
Bianca wants to know why Cassio has not been at his lodging for a week
Cassio gives Bianca a handkerchief
Bianca is angered by Cassio because she believes that he doesnt love her
Cassio explains that the item is something that is not from some other mistress of his
Othello goes into an epileptic fit right after he hears that Cassio has the handkerchief
Later, Iago tells Othello to hide nearby as he gets Cassio to admit he is in love with Desdemona
Othello thinks that Cassio is talking about _____________ but Cassio is really talking about his experiences with __________. Desdemona; Bianca
Unexpectedly, Bianca arrives and she gives Cassio the handkerchief back
Privately Othello asks Iago to suggest a way that he should kill Desdemona
Iago suggests that the proper way for Othello to reach his goal would be for him to strangle Desdemona in her sleep
Because Othello believes Desdemona is openly stating that she loves Cassio, he loses his composure and strikes her
Othello refuses to apologize for his action because he thinks she is unfaithful and thus deserved it
Othello does not believe Emilia when she tries to tell him that Desdemona is not cheating on him with Cassio
During their argument, Othello calls Desdemona a strumpet
Emilia points out that Desdemona turned her back upon things such as ______________ to be with Othello. her upbringing
Emilia describes the person who has planted these opinions in Othello’s mind as an eternal villain
Iago tells the women that the reason Othello is angry is because of his business of state
Meanwhile, Iago tells Roderigo that Cassio will replace Othello and Othello will go to Venice
Iago convinces Roderigo that it would be in his best interests to kill Cassio because he can win over Desdemona
Othello plans to go for a walk with Lodovicio
Othello orders Desdemona ti make her assistant leave and to get ready for bed
The song that Desdemona sings is about dying (about a willow)
Desdemona asks Emilia if she thinks there are any women in the world who would cheat on their husbands
One point that Emilia and Desdemona do not entirely agree upon is women cheating
As this scene opens, Roderigo is preparing to attack Cassio
Iago fears that if Roderigo survives the confrontation, then he will learn that he kept all the jewels
Iago also fears that if Cassio survives the confrontation, then he will prove him and Desdemona were not having an affair
Iago betrays Roderigo by stabbing him in “revenge” for Cassio
Gratiano and Lodovicio hesitate to assist because they do not know what happened
___________ arrives and cries about her “sweet Cassio”. Bianca
Emilia is insulted when Bianca suggests that Emilia is a strumpet
Iago sends Emilia to tell Othello and Desdemona what has happened with Cassio
Iago takes Bianca because he is trying to blame her for what happened to Cassio
Othello compares Desdemona to a _________ that he is about to pluck. rose
Before she wakes up, Othello ___________ Desdemona. kisses
Othello asks Desdemona if she has said her prayers and then encourages her to come clean with any lies she has told
Othello asks Desdemona if she gave the handkerchief to Cassio
Desdemona begs to live just one more night
Before she dies, Desdemona tells Emilia that she killed herself
Gratiano reports that Brabantio has died from grief
Before she is killed, Emilia proves that Iago was behind everything that has happened
Letters found in Roderigo’s pocket prove Iago helped Roderigo try to kill Cassio
Othello’s life comes to an end when he stabs himself because he cant live with himself
Lodovicio declares that ____________ inherits everything of Othello’s and that Iago __________________. Gratiano; will go to prison and be tortured