Othello Test Review

Iago and Roderigo never dreamed that Desdemona would marry the Moor, Othello.
When Iago says “men like myself deceive their leaders,” he means he helps himself while he pretends to serve Othello.
Desdemona’s father is Brabantio.
When Brabantio saw Roderigo outside his window he said, “I told you to stay away.”
When Brabantio realized Desdemona was gone, he wished that she had married Roderigo.
Othello spoke with Brabantio while Iago argued with Roderigo.
Cassio asked Othello to meet with the council because there was danger from the enemy.
Who told Roderigo, Brabantio, and Cassio about Othello’s marriage? Iago
Another name for this story could be “Iago Begins an Evil Plan.”
This story is mainly about Iago’s hate for Othello.
Brabantio went to the council to ask for justice against Othello.
Brabantio asks Othello to confess to the council. In answer, Othello tells of his love for Desdemona. Then, Desdemona explains her duty is to Othello, her chosen husband.
Desdemona fell in love with Othello because of his stories of danger and adventure.
The Duke wanted Othello to help defend Cyprus.
While Othello fights Cyprus, the Duke suggests Desdemona can stay with Brabantio.
Iago suggests Roderigo should make Desdemona betray her husband.
Iago plans his revenge: he will deceive Othello into believing that Desdemona is being chased by Cassio.
Roderigo would do anything to win Desdemona.
Another name for this story could be “Defending Their Love.”
This story is mainly about Othello and Desdemona defending their love for one another.
Cassio witnessed the drowning of much of the Turkish fleet.
Who was coming to fill the position of governor of Cyprus? Othello
Cassio joined Montano. Iago’s galley arrived with Desdemona. Then, a trumpet announced Othello’s arrival.
Iago did not trust Emilia.
Who is the real “Enemy in Cyprus”? Iago
When Iago tells Desdemona what sort of a woman is worthy of approval, Desdemona is disappointed with his answer.
The “web of courtesy” that Iago will use to catch Cassio means Cassio’s politeness towards Desdemona.
Iago deceives Roderigo into believing Cassio and Desdemona are in love, and asks him to fight Cassio.
Another name for this story could be “Othello Becomes Governor”
This story is mainly about Iago deceiving the others.
First Iago tried to get Cassio to insult Desdemona, then he tried to get Cassio drunk.
While Cassio laughed at his own joke, Iago became angry, because it reminded him that Cassio had a higher rank.
Iago told Montano that Cassio was drunk, because he wanted to make himself look good.
Who was shouting for help? Roderigo
When Iago finally explains how the fight began, Othello believes that Iago is protecting Cassio.
Who is no longer Othello’s officer? Cassio
After losing his position, Cassio blames himself for drinking too much.
Iago tells Cassio to talk to _______________ about getting his position back. Desdemona
Another name for this story could be “Cassio Ruins his Reputation.”
This story is mainly about Cassio losing his position with help from Iago.
Desdemona promised Cassio that she would talk to Othello for him.
Who wanted the Moor to see Cassio leaving the garden? Iago
To whom does Desdemona say, “You and my lord will be as friendly again as you were before”? Cassio
Who had defended Othello whenever Desdemona had seen his faults? Cassio
First, Desdemona said she would help Cassio. Then, she spoke to Othello. Then, Iago began to develop a new plan.
Who was surprised to learn that Cassio had known Desdemona in Venice? Iago
The green-eyed monster Iago describes is jealousy
The green-eyed monster “fools the very heart it feeds on.” In this story that heart belongs to Othello.
Another name for this story could be “Iago Weaves a New Web.”
This story is mainly about Iago planting jealous thoughts in Othello’s mind.
Desdemona thought Othello might be ill because his voice was faint.
When Othello’s head ached, he refused Desdemona’s offer to help him.
After Iago got the embroidered handkerchief, he planned to hide it in Cassio’s lodgings.
Othello’s anger is stirred when Iago tells Othello that he saw Cassio with the embroidered handkerchief.
Iago says, “Even a trifle can be strong evidence to a jealous person.” In that statement, the “trifle” means the handkerchief embroidered with strawberries.
Which sentence is not a reason why the embroidered handkerchief is important? It had a strawberry design on it
Othello gives Iago three days to kill Cassio.
When Othello asked Desdemona for her embroidered handkerchief, she became nervous and wished she’d never seen it.
Another name for this story could be “Jealousy Gnaws Deeper.”
This story is mainly about Othello’s loss of self-control.
In battle, Iago saw Othello control his passions.
Desdemona says she never gave Othello reason to be jealous.
Which character in “A Heart of Stone” really understands jealous people? Emilia
Othello says, “The memory returns like a bird circling over the bodies of the dying.” HE means that he remembers that Iago saw Cassio with Desdemona’s embroidered handkerchief.
Othello falls down in a faint after Iago tells him about Cassio’s boasting.