Othello test act 4 and 5

More While spying on Iago and Cassio’s conversation, Othello’s growing jealousy:
She had sex with Cassio in the bed so she should die in the bed For Othello, what is the symbolic importance of wanting to kill Desdemona in their bed?
Othello believes the “lying wretch” is sleeping with his wife What is ironic about Emilia calling the person who wants to get on Othello’s good side,” some cheating, lying wretch [who] has made up this slander to get a promotion”?
Disbelief During a conversation, Emilia states that she would cheat on her husband for, “the whole world”. How does Desdemona respond to this statement?
He wanted his money back What motive does Iago have for killing Roderigo?
Iago has cheated him As Roderigo lies dying, what realization does he come to?
That way of death shows love When preparing to kill Desdemona, what reason does Othello give for choosing to smother her?
He wants her to go to heaven Before killing her, why does Othello continually ask Desdemona if she has prayed and confessed her sins?
She loves othello Desdemona refused to identify her killer because she:
She knows iago is a lier While Othello is giving Emilia his reasons for having killed Desdemona, why does Emilia keep repeating, “My husband?”
Desdemona didn’t cheat on him After Desdemona’s murder, Emilia’s anger and verbal attack against Othello is due largely because:
He doesn’t want Othello to have peace of mind What might Iago’s refusal to offer reasons for his horrific plot reveal about his personality?
Cassio gave him a dagger Othello’s suicide is somewhat expected because: