Othello Test

epithet a word, phrase, or expression used as a term of abuse or contempt; to express hostility
racial slur a derogatory or disrespectful nickname for a racial group; used without restraint
Euphemisms the substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for something thought to be offensive, harsh or blunt
modern epithets loser, weirdo, nerd
modern racial slurs gringo, redskin
modern Euphemisms meeting his maker, female dog, 6 feet under
epithets from Othello knee crooking knave, thick-lips, profane wretch
racial slurs from Othello The Moor, Barbary Horse, Old Black Ram
Euphemisms from Othello making the best with two backs, transported from the gross clasps of a vicious Moor, an old black ram is topping the white ew
ere before
gramercy many thanks
nought/ naught nothing
oft often
hither here
thither there
wither where
wherefore why
i’ it, is, if, in
’twas it was
ta’en taken
What do dashes mean in Shakespearean text? a change of Focus or tone; signifies the focus and intent
Othello protagonist; “The Moor”; soldier who loves Desdemona
Desdemona daughter of the Venetian senator Barbanzio; secretly married to Othello; stays true to Othello
Iago Othello’s ancient; villain of the play; jealous of Cassio
Michael Cassio Othello’s Lieutenant; soldier; appears to be cheating with Desdemona
Emila Iago’s wife; find’s the handkerchief and gives it to Iago
Roderigo foolish; wants Desdemona; convinced that if he gives Iago money then he will help him win Desdemona; helps Iago kill Cassio
Bianca a prostitute; loves Cassio ( who teases who with the though of marrying her)
Barbanzio Desdemona’s father; senator
Montano the governor of Cyprus before Othello
Duke of Venice The official authority in Venice
Clown Othello’s servant
Lodovico and Graziano Barbanzio’s Kinsmen
Settings Venice and Cyprus
Major themes 1 Appearance vs. Reality (people aren’t as they seem)
Major Themes 2 Treatment of the “outsider” (ex: Othello being treated differently because he is a Moor)
What is an ancient? a flag bearer
What is a lieutenant? a place holder
Why is Iago doing all of these terrible things in the play? Cassio has been promoted above him
Why is Cassio disbanded from the Army? He gets into a street fight
How does Iago make Othello think Desdemona has cheated on him with Cassio? Iago talks to Cassio about all the things he has been doing with Bianca, Othello is hiding and thinks he is talking about Desdemona
Why is Cassio talking to Desdemona so much? Cassio is trying to get Desdemona to persuade Othello to give him his job back
What does Othello see that”proves” Desdemona is cheating on him? the handkerchief on Cassio that Othello has given Desdemona
Who kills Cassio? Iago
How does Othello kill Desdemona? strangulation
Is Desdemona’s innocence revealed? Yes, after Othello kills her