Othello Study Guide: Events

Act One, Scene One Roderigo and Iago talkIago is the type of servant who manipulates situations to his advantageRoderigo and Iago tell Brabantio about Desdemona and OthelloBrabantio sets out to look for Desdemona
Act One, Scene Two Iago tells Othello that Brabantio is looking for himOthello loves Desdemona and doesn’t fear BrabantioCassio comes with summons from the DukeBrabantio comes in and yells at OthelloOthello can’t go with Brabantio because of the Duke’s summonsthey all go to the Duke (?)
Act One, Scene Three Turks are about to attack CyprusEnter Brabantio, Othello, Iago, and RoderigoBrabantio tells the Duke that Othello and Desdemona eloped and accuses Othello of sorceryOthello defends himself (verbally)the Duke tells Brabantio to take back his accusationDesdemona comes in and tells Brabantio she chose OthelloDesdemona asks to go to CyprusOthello swears not to let his love for D get in the way of his workBrabantio warns Othello not to trust Desdemona’s faithfulnessEveryone but Iago and Roderigo leave (?)Iago tells Roderigo to sell all his land and go to Cyprus(Roderigo leaves)Iago thinks Othello slept with his wifeIago comes up with his plan to make Othello jealous of Cassio and DesdemonaIago will manipulate Othello’s honest nature
Act Two, Scene One Montano and Gentlemen talk about the stormenter CassioCassio was separated from Othello in the stormenter Desdemona, Emilia, Iago, and RoderigoIago tries to be clever in front of Desdemona and EmiliaDesdemona is worried about Othelloenter OthelloOthello is at the peak of joy; can only go downhill from hereIago and Roderigo talk about getting Roderigo and Desdemona togetherRoderigo doesn’t believe Desdemona could cheatexit RoderigoIago tells his evil scheme
Act Two, Scene Two Herald has message about Othello’s party
Act Two, Scene Three Othello tells Cassio to keep watchIago gets Cassio drunkMontano asks if Cassio is always like that and Iago says yesCassio chases in Roderigo and hits himMontano and Cassio fightOthello breaks it up and asks Iago who started itIago acts all kind and loyal and won’t blame CassioOthello fires CassioCassio pouts about reputation Iago says reputation is overrated Iago advises Cassioto go talk to Desdemona (exit Cassio)Roderigo comes and wants to go home b/c he’s brokeIago convinces him to stay and finish what he’s begun
Act Three, Scene One Clown and Musicians perform for CassioIago enters and asks Cassio if he slept at all last night (Cassio says no)Iago summons Emilia for CassioCassio and Emilia talk Emilia lets Cassio go talk to Desdemona
Act Three, Scene Two Othello has Iago send a letter to the senate
Act Three, Scene Three Desdemona promises Cassio she will get Othello to give his job backCassio runs away when he sees Othello and IagoIago comments on how guilty the dude running away lookesDesdemona asks Othello to reconcile with Cassio within 3 daysIago asks about Cassio going with when Othello wooed DesdemonaIago acts like he doesn’t want to say something about CassioOthello asks him to speak his thought and Iago says noIago: (1) watch your wife and Cassio together (2) she tricked her dad; she could trick you…Othello already believes itDesdemona and Emilia enterOthello pushes the hankie awayEmilia gives it to IagoOthello is hooked on jealousyOthello demands ocular proofrealizes that he doesn’t really want ocular proofIago’s “proof:” (1) Cassio spoke in his sleep (2) Iago ‘saw’ Cassio with the hankieOthello wants Cassio dead within three days
Act Three, Scene Four Clown is punny with DesdemonaDesdemona freaks out about the handkerchiefOthello wants to see the handkershiefDesdemona bugs him about CassioOthello storms outenter Cassio and IagoIago goes to talk to OthelloDesdemona thinks Othello is stressed over workCassio gives the hankie to Bianca
Act Four, Scene One Iago says the handkerchief is technically Desdemona’s to giveIago says that Cassio said he slept with DesdemonaOthello has a seisureCassio comes and leavesIago mocks OthelloIago sends Othello to hide and listen to Cassio talk about supposedly Desdemona but really BiancaCassio is a jerkBianca walks in and Cassio treats her horriblyOthello tells Iago to kill Cassio tonight Othello wants to poison Desdemona, but Iago suggests strangulationLodovico nd Desdemona come with a letterthe letter tells Othello to leave Cyprus because Cassio now has the jobOthello hits DesdemonaOthelllo is a jerk”goats and monkeys!”
Act Four, Scene Two Emilia tells Othello that she has seen nothing fishy with Desdemona and CassioEmilia unknowingly curses IagoOthello treats Emilia like a pimpOthello yells at DesdemonaOthello calls his room hell (Desdemona = Devil)Othello compares Desdemona to a weedCalls her a ***** a bunch of timesDesdemona is in shockshe’s so pure that she can’t even say the word “*****”Emilia tells Iago what happenedRoderigo has a spine and a brain cell, finallyRoderigo knows he’s been used and Iago has to find a way to keep R as a tool of at least keep him from talkingIago tells R that if he doesn’t kill C, then D will be gone forever
Act Four, Scene Three Othello, Lodovico, Desdemona, and Emilia are on a walkOthello tells Desdemona to go to bed and make sure Emilia isn’t thereDesdemona thinks the wedding sheets workedEmilia and Desdemona talk: Desdemona sings the willow song; Willow symbolizes grief and unrequited love; sycamore symbolizes unrequited love; D’s eyes are itchyEmilia would cheat on Iago if it made her queen of the world