Othello/ Shakespeare

Shakespeare lived and wrote during what time period? Elizabethan Era
What was the English Renaissance heavily influenced by? arts and drama
What acting company was Shakespeare a member of and where are they most known from performing? Lord Chamberlin’s men
What were the theatergoers that sat in the pit called and why? groundlings; ate hazelnuts and smelled bad
Describe the Globe Theater. stage extended into audience; performances outside; 3 story; played in daytime because of the light
All of the a parts in a play during Shakespeare’s time were performed by whom? young boys played female girls
Who often got credit from writing Shakespeare’s plays?
What types of plays did Shakespeare write and what other type of writing did he do? comedies; tragedies
What is the difference between poetry and prose? poetry= concentrated language; “verse”pose=language of everyday speaking
Explain blank verse and iambic pentameter. iambic pentameter= unstressed, stressed, pay attention to syllables; penta= five; meter regular rhythm blank verse=
Why would Shakespeare use iambic pentameter (it is not because he just did)? the rhythm represents the closeness of our speech
What are the differences between Elizabethan Drama and Modern Drama? Elizabethan Drama=didn’t have movies, did not have props, costumes, no elaborate lighting schemes; listening to long stories; importance of wordsModern Drama=the importance of words; real life vs. stage life
Explain each. Shakespeare using words; real life vs. stage life
Why were words so important in an Elizabethan Drama? set the scene and the audience listens
How can we analyze a character in a Shakespeare play? And what is not important? characters are figures that represent people 1. by what they say2.what others say about them3. what people say about them
How did Aristotle label all drama including? And where did explain this? drama is an imitation of an action;
What is the definition of symbolism according to the film? how universals are presented by particulars
What are the characteristics of a Tragic Figure? noble figures who are somehow better than we are; recognize consequences of failures;
What are the characteristics of a tragedy? terrible= extreme suffering purging of emotions imaginative decryption of the tragic figure
Why or how is a tragedy enlightening and uplifting? And what did Yates call it? beauty side that creates beautiful tragedy
What did Aristotle call a purging of emotions?
Who wrote Oedipus Rex? And when was it written? 5th century
The film uses Oedipus Rex as an example of what kind of tragedy? economical presentation
Why should one care about the Oedipus Rex or any tragedy for that matter? we are exploring the depth of human suffering; Oedipus takes responsibility for his actions
What are some characteristics of Oedipus and Tragic Figures for that matter? Oedipus= is King of Thebes; endures uncommon suffering; punishes himself violently;
What is meant by an economic tragedy? nothing extra going on in the play;
What time period do the Middle Ages occupy? tragedy
What does the film call Middle Ages tragedies and how does it define them?
What is De Casibus Virorum Illustrium? 1. narrative story form 2. the fall of the main character 3. taught through a moral lesson
What are the characteristics of a De Casibus tragedy?
Explain the wheel of fortune. matter of time before you fall; the wheel keeps turning; life stinks down there; characters may be at the top of the wheel and wind up at the bottom of the wheel
What were Shakespeare’s tragedies influenced by? kind of story telling during the time; theme of life as a pattern controlled by society
How many tragedies did Shakespeare write? 10
WHich of Shakespeare’s tragedies are considered good tragedies and why? Romeo and Juliet= 6 years are Titus; doomed love of the two main characters; straight tragedy;Macbeth= 1603-1606; destroys soul to gain power; examination of evil from the inside; excellent poetry; spooky and chilling playTitus Adronicus= not a good tragedy; Hamlet= most famous tragedy; thinking person’s tragedy Othello= emotional impact; heartbreak fall of a man King Lear= grand fable; fairy-tale; king kills all who are close to him; Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear, and Othello
How are Shakespearean tragedies like Greek Tragedies?
How are Shakespearean tragedies like Middle Age tragedies?
Why do the call good tragedies economical/ what is meant by an economical tragedy?