Othello scene summaries

Act 1 scene 1 Iago says that he wants revennge for othello promoting cassio and not him
Act 1 scene 1 I ago and roderigo tell brabantio that othello and desdemona have married
Act 1 scene 2 Othello is confident that he is suitable for desdemona
Act 1 scene 2 Cassio brings a message from the duke, requiring othello a presence at a meeting
Act 1 scene 2 Brabantio accuses othello of witchcraft and follows him to the meetinf
Act 1 scene 3 Othello is told to prepare for war against the Turks
Act 1 scene 3 Othello gives the story of his and desdemonas relationship, the duke understands despite brabantio accusing him of witchcraft again
Act 1 scene 3 Brabantio warns othello not to trust desdemona
Act 2 scene 1 Turkish fleet are destroyed- we are now in Cyprus
Act 2 scene 1 Othello is reunited with desdemona- they are very happy
Act 2 scene 1 Iago persuades roderigo to provoke Cassio into losing his temper
Act 2 scene 1 I ago reiterates his desire for revenge
Act 2 scene 2 Peace is restored and there is celebration for defeating the Turks and othellos marriage
Act 2 scene 3 Iago pressures cassio to join and calls him a drunkard, roderigo and him fight
Act 2 scene 3 Othello dismisses Cassio- he tells him to go to desdemona for help
Act 3 scene 1 and 2 Emilia agrees to help divert othellos attention so cassio can speak to desdemona, othello and I ago inspect fortifications
Act 3 scene 3 Desdemona begs othello to reinstate Cassio
Act 3 scene 3 I ago tells othello that desdemona has committed adultery with Cassio- he demands proof
Act 3 scene 3 Desdemona drops her handkerchief and Emily’s gives it to I ago, telling othello that Cassio has been seen with ot
Act 3 scene 3 Othello promotes imago and asks him to kill Cassio
Act 3 scene 3 Othello begins plotting desdemonas death
Act 3 scene 4 Desdemona is uneasy about losing the handkerchief and also tries to promote Cassio again
Act 3 scene 4 Othello is angry at desdemona for losing the handkerchief
Act 3 scene 4 Cassio gives his mistress bianca the handkerchief
Act 4 scene 1 Othello has a fit after I ago taunts him about desdemonas affair
Act 4 scene 1 Cassio and I ago talk
Act 4 scene 1 Othello sees the handkerchief in Biancas hand and vows to kill desdemona
Act 4 scene 1 Venetian visitors tell othello that Cassio is replacing him
Act 4 scene 1 Othello strikes desdemona
Act 4 scene 2 Othello questions emilia who defends desdemona
Act 4 scene 2 Othello confronts desdemona and she defends herself
Act 4 scene 2 I ago persuades roderigo to kill cassio
Act 4 scene 3 Othello sends desdemona to bed, she tells emilia she loves him and sings a song
Act 5 scene 1 Roderigo tries to wound Cassio but instead Cassio wounds roderigo
Act 5 scene 1 I ago steps in and stabs Cassio in the leg- othello hears cries and believes he is dead. Lodovico and gratiano attend to him
Act 5 scene 1 I ago kills roderigo
Act 5 scene 2 Desdemona is sleeping, othello says he will kill her, kisses her and wakes her
Act 5 scene 2 Desdemona cries when she finds out Cassio is dead so othello suffocates her
Act 5 scene 2 I ago denies emilias accusation and stabs her, leaving her to die on the bed next to desdemona
Act 5 scene 2 Othello wounds I ago and his plots are revealed
Act 5 scene 2 Othello kills himself