Othello Scene by scene

Dramatics Personae Duke of VeniceOthello: Moor, married to DesdemonaIago: Soldier in Othello’s armyCassio: Lieutenant in Othello’s armyDesdemona: Othello’s wifeEmilia: Iago’s wifeRodrigo: Soldier, love Desdemona
Act 1 Scene 1 Othello’s begins in the city of Venice, at night Rodrigo is having a discussion with Iago’s, who is bitter at being passed up as Othello’s lieutenant Iago says that he only serves Othello to further himself, and makes shows of his allegiance only for his own gainHe admits that his nature is not at all what it seems.Iago is aware that Desdemona has run off with Othello. Brabantio knows nothing of this coupling Iago decides to enlist Roderigo to awaken Brabantio with his screams that his daughter was gone. Brabantio realises his daughter is not there, he gives the news some credence. Roderigo is the one speaking most to Brabantio panics, and calls for people Iago leaves not wanting anyone to find out
Analysis The relationship between Roderigo and Iago is somewhat closeRoderigo shows this in his first statement “Iago hast had purse as if the strings were thine”The metaphor shows how much trust Riderigo has in Iago Does Iago share the same kind of feeling As far as Roderigo knowns Iago is his friend
Analysis Trusting Iago tells several truths about himself to Roderigo He truths Roderigo with the knowledge that he serves Othello but only to further himselfHow ironic that after Iago’s lengthy confession of duplicity. Appearance Vs Reality is a crucial theme in Iago’s story
Analysis Duplicity The key to Iago’s character is in the line “I am not what I am”Roderigo should take this as a warning, but fails to. Everything which Iago present himself as is a false showThis first scene represents the peak of Iago’s honesty about himself with another character.
Analysis Racism When Riderigo refers to Othello he calls him”think lips” This singles out one prominent characteristic of Othello’s foreignness and black heritageIt displays a racial distrust of Othello based on his Color. Roderigo and Iago are not the only character to display racism when referring to Othello.
Analysis animals “An old black ram is tupping your white ewe”The use of animal imagery is used in many places in the play to convey immorality and illicit passion. “Barbary horse” is used for a lustful picture of Othello Iago’s statement is doubly potent dice it not only condemns Othello for his alleged lust but also for plays in Brabantio’s misgivings about Othello’s Color.
Act 1 Scene 2 Iago has now joined Othello and has told Othello about Roderigo’s betrayal of the news of his marriageHe tells Othello that Brabantio is upset and will probably try to tear Desdemona from him. Cassio comes at least as do Roderigo and Brabantio Iago threatens Roderigo with violence again making a false show of his loyalty to Othello Brabantio swear that Othello must have used black magicIago’s duplicity is again exhibited in this scene as his tone swingsIago acted supportive of Othello’s marriage to Desdemona Cassio enters and uses a rather I complimentary metaphor to tell what Othello has done Iago will soon want Cassio to think of Desdemona as an object to be taken and to believe Othello to be less honourable than he is.
Analysis pride Othello’s Pride first becomes visible hereHe is exceptional proud of his achievements and his public stature Pride is a huge theme of Othello’s story He is proud of Desdemona affection for him Othello is very confident in his worth and in the respect he commands
Analysis racism 2 The issue of race comes to the forefront as Brabantio confronts Othello about his marriage to Desdemona Desdemona never would have “run from her guardage to the sooty bosom of a thing such as thou
Analysis stereotypes and history At the time Shakespeare was writing there were in fact free blacks in England However racism was even more pronounced in Shakespeare’s England than it is in Othello A character like Othello could not have risen to such ranks in England at the time Shakespeare’s plays is much more progressive than the time in which it was written
Act 1 Scene 3 Military conflict is challenging the Venetain stronghold of Cyprus. There are reports that Turkish ships are heading towards the island. Othello is called away to Cyprus Roderigo is upset that Desdemona and Othello’s Union was allowed to standedHe lists after DesdemonaIago assures him that the match will not last long and at any time Desdemona could come rushing to hiMIago wants to break up the couple using Roderigo as a pawn
Analysis Brabantio Brabantio again accuses Othello of bewitching his daughter and airs his racism based views He is not against the match because of any incompatibility of the couple His strong objection foreshadows a confrontation between him and his daughter If Desdemona does choose to stay with Othello it seem likely that she will risk her fathers love.
Analysis tragedy Othello’s appointment to Cyprus marks the true beginning of his tragedy He will be much more vulnerable to Iago’s vicious attacks on his love and jealousy. This battle between order and chaos is a theme running thou it.
Analysis stereotypes and History At the time Shakespeare was writing there were in fact free blacks in England However racism was even more pronounced in Shakespeare’s England than it is in Othello character like Othello could not have risen to such ranks in England at the time
Act 1 Scene 3 Military conflict is challenging the Venetian stronghold of Cyprus. There was reports that Turkish ships are heading toward the island