Othello scene 1 act 1-3

who is roderigo a rich man in love with desdemona, a pawn in iago’s plan
who is othello main character, moor, in the venetian army, married to desdemona
who is cassio florentine, othello’s lieutenant
who is desdemona venetian noblewoman, married to othello
who is brabantio desdemonas father, ventian senator
who is iago is the army with othello, hates the moor, evil, married to emilia
promulgate verb, to promote or make something known
palpable adjective, a feeling so intense that you feel as if you can touch or feel it
insolent adjective, showing a rude and arrogant lack of respect
pliant adjective, flexible
equivocal adjective, uncertain or questionable
apprehend verb, to arrest someone for a crime
lascivious adjective, rape
delude verb, meaning to mock
beguile verb, to charm or enchant someone deceptively
why does iago hate the moor iago thought he was worthy enough to be othello’s lieutenant but othello chose cassio instead
what did roderigo pay iago to do roderigo paid iago to help him win desdemonas love and attention
what insult does iago say about cassio he has a pretty wife but cant even control her, hes never commanded men in battle, he knows more about war than an old woman unless what you count hes read in books, iago is saying that cassio is book smart and isnt fit for his new position as lieutenant
how to iago and roderigo stir up trouble they are yelling outside of brabantios house in the middle of the night making claims and telling brabantio about claims of othello and desdemona getting married
why does iago say he wishes to kill roderigo he said that to othello to make it seem like he was a good friend and wanted to honor him and his marriage
what is othellos response to iago othello basically says let him do his worst it would have come out anyway. he doesnt mind the mad being spoken about him
why is othello not worried about brabanitos wrath because othello knows he is valuable and royal to the state so he cant be harmed
iago tries to tell othello that brabantio and his friends are coming and that its best if othello gets out of the house. what is othellos response he says hell stand his guard and greet them
what is the message cassio brings by turning out the light that othello has to see the duke to discuss problems in cyprus
what does brabantio accuse othello of using witch craft to win the love of his daughter
what forces brabantio to change his mind about the arrest of othello the dukes letter
what is brabantios new plan to try othello in court infront of the duke
what reports say that the duke and senators are hearing about the war turkish ships near cyprus are challenging the venetians
how does othello answer the accusations made against him he stays calm and collective he explains that desdemona fell in love with him because of his hardship and stories from war
how does desdemona respond to her father she says that she loves her father but she must love her husband more
what is the irony in brabantios response to the duke the duke is trying to comfort brabantio but he doesnt want to deal with the situation or believe it
what conditions does othello demand before accepting the dukes orders that desdemona has a safe place to stay
what are the final arrangements othello will go to cyprus to continue his duties, desdemona will stay with iago and emilia and go to cyprus at another time
why doesnt iago want roderigo to take his own life because roderigo is a major part in his plan and he wants his money
what advice does iago give roderigo that he shouldnt kill himself and instead he should sell all his land and collect all his money to try to woo desdemona while othello is away in cyprus
what do we learn from iagos final soliloquoy he thinks roderigo is a fool and that he is only using roderigo for his money. he hates othello for sleeping with his wife and is now going to try to sleep with desdemona and blame it on cassio to make othello jealous and get revenge by making him think desdemona is cheating