Othello Review Questions

Othello comes from what class of society? African Muslims
What does “goats and monkeys” mean? sexually inclined
Why did Othello kill Desdemona? he thought she was sleeping with Iago
Why does Iago hate Othello? he didn’t give Iago the position of lieutenant
What destroyed the Turkish fleet? a storm
What does Desdemona’s father, Brabantio, warn Othello? that if Desdemona deceived him, she might do it to Othello too
Did Bianca know she was helping Iago with his plan? no
How many times did Iago ask Emilia to steal the handkerchief? a hundred
What happens to Cassio with the end of the play? he takes Othello’s position as General of the Armies of Venice
What is the term used when the audience knows information that the other characters do not know? dramatic irony
Shakespeare was part owner and performed most of his plays at which theater? the Globe Theatre
What does Lodovico say the people of Venice would not believe, even though he saw it with his own eyes? that Othello had slapped Desdemona
What is the purpose of Act II Scene ii? to change the setting of the play
After removing Cassio from office, Othello appoints what man as lieutenant? Iago
How does Iago get the handkerchief that Othello had given to Desdemona? Emilia finds it and gives it to him
Throughout the play, what did the other characters call Iago? Honest Iago
Who is Iago’s puppet or right hand man in his plot to destroy Othello? Roderigo
Why is Iago trying to get Cassio drunk? so that he will get in a fight and get fired
Why will the men not answer Othello’s questions after he breaks up the fight? neither Cassio nor Iago could remember how it started
Cassio stabs __ and __. Montano and Roderigo
Iago stabs __ and __ and __. Cassio and Emilia and Roderigo
Othello stabs __ and __. Iago and himself
What are Iago’s two major motivations in his destruction of a Othello? he thinks Emilia slept with Othello and he wants the position of lieutenant
How does Othello portray the archetypal tragic hero? he is heroic but he has one fatal flaw
What are Othello’s fatal flaws and how do they bring about his ruin? he is too trusting of the wrong people and they use that to manipulate him
How does darkness function in the final scene? it represents the darkness of Iago’s deception