Venice what is the setting at the very beginning of the play
he wants to tell him that Desdemona has run off to get married why Roderigo decides to disturb Brabantio
to defend against the Turks why does the Duke send Othello to Cyprus
by asking Desdemona what happened herself how does Othello want to settle Brabantio’s claim that Othello forced Desdemona to marry him?
he despises him how does Iago feel about Othello
a storm destroyed the Turkish fleet how does the war with the Turks end
he needs Cassio to get in a fight why does Iago want Cassio to get drunk
he gets into a fight and injures Montano why does Othello dismiss Cassio from his service
his reputation is lost and injured how is Cassio injured in act 2
honest which word frequently used by the other characters to describe Iago is inaccurate
despicable which word do you believe best describes Iago in actuality
it is because of his race what is a reason why Brabantio does not like Othello
the duty was between her father and husband what did Desdemona mean by a divided duty?
*choices not provided!*between 4 choices! which character is least involved in Iago’s plot
to ask for her help in getting his job back why does Cassio want to talk to Desdemona at the beginning of Act 3
Cassio whom do Iago and Othello see stealing away from the castle, guilty like
the green-eyed monster what does Iago call jealousy?
the handkerchief what token is Emilia glad to get for Iago
plant it in Cassio’s room what does Iago plan to do with the handkerchief?
it gets into your blood according to Iago, in what way is jealousy like poison in the way that they both work on the human body
proof you can see what does Othello mean when he says he will “ocular proof”
jealous Desdemona tells Emilia that Othello is not a _________ person
Cassio gives it to her to copy the handkerchief how does Bianca end up with the handkerchief
circumstantial evidence which word best describes the type of evidence that Iago presents to Othello
he wants Cassio killed by Iago and him to kill Desdemona what does Othello claim he wants at the end of Act 3 scene 3
Bianca Iago tells Othello that he will get Cassio to talk about the affair with Desdemona, while Othello watches. Who do they really talk about?
Bianca Othello is surprised to see that _______ has the handkerchief he gave Desdemona
strike Desdemona what is Lodovico surprised to see Othello do
does not believe her ?? when Othello asks Emilia what she knows about Desdemona’s affair with Cassio, he ________ when Emilia tells him the truth
Iago from whom does Desdemona seek advice when she is mistreated by Othello
Roderigo in Act 4, who accuses Iago of not dealing honestly with him/her
husbands don’t act the way they shoudl according to Emilia, wives cheat on their husbands because
he hopes that least one, if not both, die when Iago sets Roderigo up to kill Cassio, Iago
Iago who is it that actually kills Roderigo
Bianca whom does Iago say might be to blame for Cassio being attacked
he does not wish to kill her mortal soul, or send her to hell why does Othello ask Desdemona if she has prayed tonight
Iago was the one who was responsible for everything what does Emilia learn about Iago from Othello
he checks to see if he has cloven hooves, like the Devil Othello looks at Iago’s feet at the end of the play. Why?
he kills himself what happens to Othello at the end of the play
*character not provided*4 choices on test which character is alive at the end of the play?
Duke of Venice “I think this tale would woo my daughter too”
Brabantio “look to her Moor if thou hast eyes to see she hath deceived her father, and may thee”
Cassio “not tonight good Iago, I have very poor and unhappy brains for drinking”
Iago “I had rather have this tongue cut from my mouth then it should do offense to Michael Cassio…
Iago “men should be what they seem”
Iago “o beware my lord of jealousy it is the green-eyed monster . . .”
Othello “I think my wife be honest and think she is not, I think thou are just and think thou are not . . .”
Iago “work on my medicine work . . .”
Iago “do it not with poison, strangle her in her bed, even the bed she hath contaminated”
Emilia “I will be hanged if some eternal villain some bust insinuating rouge to get some office hath devised this slander…”
Emilia “This was her first remembrance from the Moor my wayward husband…”
Othello “have you prayed tonight, Desdemona”
Emilia “my husband”
Emilia “I will be hanged if some eternal villain some bust insinuating rouge to get some office hath devised this slander…”
Lodovico “look on the tragic loading of this bed, this is thy work”
Othello “Must you speak of one that loved not wisely but too well…”
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