othello rap

Bob can we have some lights, please? We left Sam on her own to research this play. She must have looked up “moor” in the dictionary and thought it was a place where you tie up boats. Which, in this context, is totally pea-brained. In the sixteenth century the word “moor” referred to a black person.
Oh, I feel like such a dork. Now, ladies and gentleman, we obviously have a little bit of a problem in performing “Othello” because the part is written for a black man, and we’re obviously not, I mean…(with Nina) We don’t really have the physical characteristics necessary to portray….well…We’re honkies, basically is what we are. So the bottom line here is that due to physical limitations, we are unable to perform ‘Othello, the Moor of Venice,’ so we’ll move on to…
Here’s the story of a brother by the name of OthelloHe liked white women and he liked green jello Oh, yeah, yeah, uh…And a punk named Iago who made hisself a menace’Cuz he didn’t like Othello, the Moor of Venice.
Now Othello got married to Des-demona But he took off for the war and left her alone-a.
It was a moan-a A groan-aHe left her alone-a
…He was craftyHe was sly He was sort of a dick.
How you gonna do it? Tell us!
Well I know his tragic flaw is that he’s Too damn jealous!
I need a dupeI need a dopeI need a kind of shmoe So he find a chump sucker by the name o’ Cassio.
…While he been out fightinCommandin an army Are Desi and Cass playin hide the salami?Sa-sa-sa-salamsalaaaaami?
So he come back home and stick a pillow in her face Kills her, and soliloquizes ’bout his disgrace.
But there’s Emilia at the door Who we met in Act Four
Who say, “You big dummy, she weren’t no *****. She was Pure!
She was Clean!
She was (x2) Virginal too! So why’d you have to go and make her face turn blue?
…Now what you gonna do?And Othello say: Yo, this is gettin pretty scary!
Iago got caught, but he prob’ly copped a plea Loaded up his bags
And moved to Beverly… Hills, that is. (handshakes)