Othello quotes (Act III)

(Emilia, about Othello, to Cassio) The Moor replies that he… You hurt is of great fame in Cyprus
(Emilia, about Othello, to Cassio) But he protests he loves you… And needs no other suitor but his likings
(Emilia, about Iago) I warrant it grieves my husband… As if the case were his
(Cassio) I am very… Ill at ease
(Iago) Nothing, my lord… Or if- I know not what
(Iago, about Cassio) I cannot think it that he would… Sneak away so guilty-like, seeing you coming
(Desdemona, about Cassio) I prithee… Call him back
(Iago, about C + D) Ha! I like not that
(Desdemona, about Cassio) Or Tuesday morn, on Tuesday noon, or night… On Wednesday morn. I prithee name this time, but let it not
(Othello, about Desdemona) Perdition catch my soul… But I do love thee!
(Othello, about Desdemona) And when I love the not… Chaos is come again
(Iago) Did Michael Cassio, when you… Wooed my lady, know of your love?
(Iago) But for a satisfaction… Of my thought- no further harm
(Iago) Honest… My lord?
(Othello, about Iago) He echoes me, as if there were some… Monster in his thought, too hideous to be shown
(Othello) Why… Why is this?
(Othello, about Desdemona) For she had eyes and… Chose me (…) I’ll see before I doubt
(Iago) For now I shall have reason… To show the love and duty that I bear you with franker spirit
(Iago, about Desdemona) Look to your wife… Observe her well with Cassio
(Iago, about Venetian women) In Venice they do… Let God see the pranks
(Iago) She did deceive her… Father, marrying you
(Iago) But I am much to blame, I humbly do… Beseech you of your pardon for too much loving you
(Othello, to Iago) I am bound… To thee for ever
(Iago) Not to strain… My speech to grosser issues
(Iago, about Desdemona) Long live she so! And long live you to think so!
(Othello, about I + E) Set on thy… Wife to observe
(Othello, about Iago) This fellow’s of… Exceeding honesty
(Othello) Haply, for I am black… And have not those soft parts of conversation that chambers have
(Othello, about Desdemona) She’s… Gone
(Othello) O, curse of marriage! That we can call… These delicate creatures ours and not their appetites!
(Othello, about Desdemona) If she be false… O, then heaven mocks itself!
(Othello) I have a pain… Upon my forehead here
(Emilia) I am glad I… Have found this napkin
(Emilia, about Iago) I nothing but… To please his fantasy
(Iago) The Moor already… Changes with my poison
(Iago) Burn like… The mines of sulphur
(Othello) I swear ’tis better to be much abused… Than but to know’t a little
(Iago) I am sorry… To hear this
(Othello) I had been happy if the general camp… Pioners and all, had tasted her sweet body
(Othello) Farewell… Farewell
(Othello) Villain, be sure thou… Prove my love a w****
(Othello) Death… And damnation!
(Iago) It is impossible… You should see this
(Iago) I lay with… Cassio lately
(Iago, about Cassio) In sleep I heard him say… ‘Sweet Desdemona, let us be wary, let us hide our loves.’
(Othello) I’ll tear her… All to pieces!
(Othello) Now do I see… ‘Tis true
(Othello) Arise, black vengeance… From thy hollow cell!
(Iago) And to obey shall be in me… Remorse, what bloody business ever
(Othello) Let me hear thee say… That Cassio’s not alive
(Othello, about Desdemona) Damn her… Lewd minx!
(Iago) I am your… Own for ever
(Desdemona) But my noble Moor is true of mind… And made of no such baseness as jealous creatures are
(Desdemona, about Othello’s jealousy) I think the sun where he was born… Drew all such humours from him
(Othello, about the handkerchief) To lose or give’t away… Were such perdition as nothing else could match
(Desdemona, about the handkerchief) It is… Not lost
(Desdemona) Alas the day… I never gave him cause
(Desdemona) Heave keep that… Monster from Othello’s mind
(Bianca, to Cassio) I pray you… Bring me on the way a little