Othello Quotes

Who is or is said to be infatuated with Desdemona? What circumstances surround these real of rumored infatuations? How does Iago use each? Brabantio is supposedly in love with Desdemona. Iago fake supports him and his love and tells him that he can make sure that they end up together. Tells Desdemona’s dad about how she ran away with Othello.
What steps does Iago take to trap and discredit Micheal Cassio? Cassio gets his Lieut. stripped by Othello when he stabs the governor of Cyprus. So he will talk and beg Desdemona to plead with his case. All the while Iago will hint that Desdemona and Cassio are involved. Every time Desdemona persuades Othello will think its because of his romantic ties. Breaking up the marriage Iago plants circumstantial evidence and doubts in Othello’s mind.
Why is Iago upset that Cassio is selected as Othello’s Lieut. Cassio is younger and generally seniority rules, Othello gave Iago no good reason as to why, Iago wants the command and the revenge, he fought in battle but Cassio was only book smart
How does Brabantio think that Othello has won Desdemona? how does Othello say he has won he thinks she is under a magical spell or bewitched. He whole-hardheartedly believes that his daughter wouldn’t willingly fall in love with a Moore. Othello convinces the father that Desdemona is really in love with him and that the marriage is legit.
Explain the famous Strawberry handkerchief whose lives does it affect and how Iago (found it), Cassio (Framed) , Desdemona( given to), Othello (heirloom) , Othello’s dad and mother (began the tale)
How does Iago use Bianca to trap Cassio and Desdemona Iago talks to Cassio about Bianca but Othello will think that hes talking about Desdemona, Response will upset him and give him circumstantial proof
Act 1Scene-1, 11 95-97″Zounds, sir, you’re robbed. For Shame put on your gown Your heart is burst, you have lost your soul” Iago- BrabantioYour daughter is gone, your heart is broken
Act 1Scene-3, 1 184″I am hitherto your daughter. But here is my husband” Desdemona to BrabantioSolidifies the marriage is real, has split loyalty to father and husband
Act 11Scene-3 ll 42-44″ I am unfortunate in the infinity, and dare not task my weakness with anymore” Cassio-IagoHe already drank one cup and he has a low alcohol tolerance and he was feeling. He is an angry drunk
Act 11Scene-3 134″ Tis evermore the prologue to his sleep” Iago to MontanoCassio cant sleep without drinking
Act 11Scene-3 ll 197-8″I am hurt to danger. Your officer, Iago, can inform you” Montano to OthelloHe is hurt too badly and asks Iago to tell Othello the happenings of the evening
Act 11Scene-3 ll 322-4″ Confess yourself freely to her, importune her help to put you in your place again” Iago to CassioGo to Desdemona because she can talk to Othello. Confess your troubles ask to be Lieut.
Act lllScene-2 ll 1-2″ Be assured, good Cassio, I will doAll my abilities in thy behalf” Desdemona will plead Cassio’s case to Othello
Act IIIScene 2- ll 291-3″This was her first remembrance from the Moor. My wayward husband hath a hundred times Wooed me to steal it” Emelia and IagoDesdemona dropped her handkerchief that Othello first gave her. She finally has it and Iago has asked her to get it for a longtime. She thinks Iago likes the pattern and will make a replicate it.
Act lllScene 2 321-2″I will in Cassio’s lodging lose this napkinAnd will let him find it” Iago will frame Cassio with the stolen handkerchief making Othello think that the fake relationship is real. The handkerchief is the gift he gave to Desdemona first.
Act lllScene 2 475″Sweet DesdemonaLet us be wary, let us hide our loves” Iago to OthelloTelling him a lie that Cassio murmurs about his love to Desdemona in his sleep
Act lllScene 3 545″ Now art my Lieut.” Othello- IagoDemoting Cassio because of the supposedly affair deems Iago the lieut. because he is a faithful friend
Act lllScene-4 55-8″That handkerchiefDid and Egyptian to my mother give. She was a charmer, and could almost readThe thoughts of people” othello to DesdemonaThe handkerchief is magic as long as his mother owned it then his father would be faithful. If she lost is then he would be unfaithful. Othello’s mother gave it to him for good luck in his marriage. Told Desdemona to guard it carefully.
Act llScene-4 205″O Cassio, whence came this?This is some token from a new friend” Bianca to CassioBianca thinks Cassio has a new woman friend because he has the handkerchief of another woman.
Act IVScene 2 11″ I durst, my lord, to wager she is honestLay down my soul at stake. If you think other,Remove your thought, it doth abuse your bosom” Emelia to OthelloEmelia says she has seen and heard their entire conversation and nothing seems to be happening. Emelia believes with everything that she is that Desdemona is faithful and honest. Othello puts no faith into Emelia
Act VScene-1 36-7″The bed lust-stained shall with lust’s blood be spotted” Othello The bed that you stain with Desdemona and Cassio will be the bed you die in
Act VScene-1 128-9″This is the night That either makes me of fordoes me quite” IagoLieut. will be solidified or more likely he will be screwed
Act VScene-2 17″Put out the light, then put out the light” Othellohe needs to turn off the physical light then kill Desdemona metaphorically turning off her light as well
Act VScene 2 125″You heard her say herself it was not I” Othello to EmeliaOthello at first denies the murder but then later confesses to murdering Desdemona
Act VScene 2 224-6″That handkerchief thouspeak’st of I found by fortune and did give to my husband” Emalia to OthelloThis quote unravels the entire plot that Iago has played in the revenge. She admits that she found the handkerchief and gave it to her husband. Emilia realizes Iago’s role in this the minute she says it and instantly feels guilty because she gave it to him. Feels responsible for Desdemona’s death.