Othello Quotes

i follow him to serve my turn upon him iagomeaning: I am with him so i can get my revenge Importance:
i am not what i am iagomeaning: im not who i appear to beimportance: iago is telling roderigo that even though it looks like he is friends with othello he is relly not
it seems not meet nor wholesome to my place to be producted as if i stay i shall against the moor iagomeaning: it would be bad for me to be seen plotting against othello which i would if i stayed hereimportance:iago makes sure his presence isnt known at barbantios house so he has othellos full trust he is making roderigo do his dirty work
yet for necessity of present life i must show out a flag of sign and love which is indeed but a sign iagomeaning: but right now i have to show othello loyalty even though its just an actimportance:
let him do his spite my services which i have done the signiory shall out-tongue his complaints othellomeaning: let him do his worst. All that i have done for the government will count for more than his complaintsimportance:
that thou hast practiced on her foul charms abused her delicate youth with drugs or minerals that weakens motion barbantiomeaning: its obvious that you have drugged her tricked her or kidnapped herimportance:
i therefore apprehend and do attach thee for an abuser of the world a practicer of arts uninhibited and out of warrant barbantiomeaning:im arresting you as a practicer of black magicimportance:
to vouch this is no proof wihout more wider and more overt test than these thin habits and poor likelihoods of modern seeming do prefer against him duke meaning:what you say isnt proof i need clear evidence not just accusationsimportance: duke is basically letting othello off the hook and changes his mind about punishing othello fo marrying desdemona
she gave me for my pains a world of sighs she swore in faith twas strange twas passing strange twas pitiful twas wondrous pitiful othello meaning: she heard my stories and sigh and tell me how wonderful and sad my life has beenimportance:othello tells how he and desdemona fell in love and gives iago the idea that he tells people she can fall out of love with him quickly
she loved me for the dangers i had passed and i loved her that she did pity them othellomeaning:importance:
to mourn a mischief that is past and gone is the next way to draw new mischief on dukemeaning:if you focus on something bad that happened your setting yourself up for more bad news importance: duke is trying to calm barbantio but it also foreshadows all that is going to happen to othello with desdemona
she has deceived her father and may thee barabantiomeaning: she lied to me she may lie to youimportance:foreshadows and might plant the seed of doubt that desdemona is not completely honest with othello and is capable of cheating
put money in thy purse iagomeaning: get moneyimportance:iago is tellinf roderigo how he is going to get desdemona dn is also funding all his operations
thus do i ever make my fool my purse iagomeaning: so im having my fool be my fundingimportance: iago is using roderigo for his money
he holds me well the better shall my purpose work on him iagomeaning: he thinks highly of me that will helpimportance:
you may relish him more in the soldier than in the scholar cassiomeaning: hes more of a soldier than a wise manimportance: talking about iago and shows how people perceivehim as stupid when he is smart so no one would think he would be plotting the plan he is
with as little a web as this i will ensnare as great a fly as cassio iagomeaning: with something as simple as this i will get cassioimportance: shows how iago plans to take down cassio