Lie with her? Lie on her?….oh devil! (act 6, scene 1) Othello is expressing his anger towards desdemona because Iago was telling him how he saw desdemona with another man. Also, Othello feels disgraced bc desdemona lost his handkerchief which represents their marriage
“Nobody’s that bad. Its impossible” Act 6, Scene 2 This is an example of irony because Iago is actually a truly evil character and he is saying that no one is capable of such evil doings when he himself is a malicious being
“My life upon her faith! Honest Iago…we must obey the time” Act 1, Scene 3 Othello is the speaker of this quote, it is an example of foreshadowing because othello was explaining how he would sacrifice his life for Desdemona’s love
“Iago is most honest” Act 2, Scene 3 Othello is the speaker of this quote. This quote is showing how Iago has corrupted Othello into thinking Iago is on his side when he is actually going against him
“Of beware, my lord of jealousy!” Act 3, Scene 3 Iago is the speaker of this quote. THis quote represents irony because Iago is saying to beware of jealousy when he himself is jealous
“I am glad I have found this napkin” Act 3, Scene 3 Emila says this quote. This quote is showing how emilia is just as evil as her husband by copying the pattern on Othello’s handkerchief to make a fake to give to Iago to use as blackmail.
“I had been happy…So i had nothing known” Act 3, Scene 3) Othello says this quote. This quote is saying that if Othello never found out about Desdemona’s unfaithfulness, he would not have cared
“Good night, honest Iago” Act 2 Scene 3 Cassio says this quote. It is showing how Cassio is deceived like everyone else in viewing that Iago is honest when he is clearly not
“Damn her lewd minx. O, damn her, damn her!”Act 3 scene 4 OThello says this quote. THis quote is describing the jealousy growing in Othello
“Good none in man and woman…and makes me poor indeed” Act 4 scene 3 Iago says this quote…THis quote i saying that reputation is more important than any material thing