Othello questions unit 3 test

What is symbolic about the handkerchief? It symbolizes Othello and Desdemona’s love; it has magic in it and Othello’s mom gave it to him. Supposedly O and D’s love will last as long as she keeps the handkerchief
What is symbolic about killing Desdemona in bed? It is where she supposedly slept with Cassio
Discuss Othello’s race and its importance in the play. – Othello was a Moor (black); Moors originated from the northern shores of Africa & converted to Islam (became muslims). – Back then blacks were thought of as savages & sinners. They weren’t typically trusted – Brabantio did not support D & O’s marriage because of Othello’s race – Importance: to show that at the beginning of the play he was kind and calm and didn’t resemble what was thought of as a black man. Everyone thought he was good and pure except brabantio. However, at the end of the play, he lived up to the reputation of a black man by killing his wife and being sinful
What is a tragic hero? A person, usually of noble birth, that obtains heroic or potentially heroic qualities and is doomed by fate. This person struggles admirably against this fate, but fails because of a flaw or mistake.
What are the 2 types of tragedies? Traditional & modern ??
What does ‘cuckold’ mean and what is the importance to the play? – A man is made a cuckold if he is cheated on by his wife (if another man has a sexual relationship with his wife) – Importance: Iago convinces Othello that Cassio has made him (Othello) a cuckold by sleeping with Desdemona; the idea that Cassio has made Othello a cuckold is what drives Othello to get his revenge and attempt to kill Cassio and Desdemona. Ultimately, this created Othello’s jealousy and overall resulted in his death
Know the biographical information on WS. look @ notes
What are the origins of Othello? – He a Moor – Moors are nomadic ppl from the Northern shores of Africa; they converted to Islam & became muslims
Know the physical set up of a theater in WS’s time. – Theater: the Globe – Rear (the Heavens): small curtained inner stage, flanked by 2 entrances w an upper stage above it. Had a narrow roof held by stout pillars. – Front of stage: had a trapdoor used for… 1. burial scenes 2. surprise entrances 3. mysterious entrances – In open air (no roof); no need for stage illumination bc plays were during the day. To get the idea of night, actors carried torches
What archetypes are present in the play? – Light vs darkness: Before othello kills desdemona, he refers to “putting out the light” (killing her) – Battle between good and evil (cassio vs iago) – The Fall: Othello goes from a high state of being (general) to a low state of being (dies) which involves the loss of innocence (murders desdemona) – Othello THOUGHT that Iago was the loyal retainers archetype but he wasn’t -The Outcast: Othello – Othello thinks D is the unfaithful wife – The Star Crossed Lovers – White (innocence) (Desdemona) – Black (Evil; death) (Othello)
What are the different Hero archetypes? 1. Classical hero 2. Everyman hero3. Superhero 4. Tragic hero5. Epic hero 6. Anti-hero
Who is the protagonist? Othello
Who is the antagonist? Iago
Who is the tragic hero? Othello