Othello Questions: Act 4

After Iago lied and told Othello that Cassio confessed to going to bed with Desdemona, what advice did he give the overwhelmed Othello? (1) He told Othello to forget about it, not to act rashly, and try to protect his own reputation; he also said that many women end up in beds where they don’t belong. (2) He advised him on the method to kill Desdemona and Cassio. (3) He has Othello hide and listen to Cassio’s ‘confession’.
How did Iago trick Othello into thinking Cassio was gloating and bragging about his affair with Desdemona? He said he would ask Cassio about his affair with Desdemona, but instead of questioning Cassio about Desdemona, he asks about his relationship with Bianca; Othello overheard and was filled with rage and jealousy.
Why was Bianca angry with Cassio? She loved him and thought that some other woman had given him the handkerchief as a gift.
How did Bianca’s return with the handkerchief help Iago? It made things appear to Othello as though all Iago had said was true; that Desdemona had given it to Cassio, and that Cassio had in turn given it to a prostitute.
Why did Othello hit Desdemona? She, in his eyes, had openly admitted to her love for Cassio; he was enraged.
What was Lodovico’s reaction to Othello’s behaviot towards Desdemona? How did Iago later explain Othello’s behavior to Lodovico? He was shocked, saying that Othello’s behavior would not be believed in Venice; Iago says that Lodovico should observe Othello himself.
Why did Othello ask Emilia about Cassio’s affair with Desdemona, and what was her reply? He was still looking for truth and proof; Emilia claimed that Desdemona was innocent.
To whom does Desdemona turn to for help after Othello calls her a strumpet? “Honest” Iago.
Why did Iago tell Roderigo to kill Cassio? Why did Roderigo consent to think about it? If Roderigo kills Cassio would make things simpler because Iago can keep his hands clean. Roderigo agrees because Iago convinces him that if he kills Cassio, he will be able to have Desdemona.
How would Iago gain from Roderigo’s death? Cassio’s? Rodergio’s death would prevent anyone from ever learning of Iago’s lies. Killing Cassio would further improve Iago’s standing in Othello’s mind.