Othello plot

What is the name and race of protagonist in this novel? Othello/black
Where is the background? Venice
Who does Othello chose to be his Lieutenant? Cassio
Who was the other candidate? Iago
What is the name of Othello’s lover? Desdemona
What is the name of her father? Brabantio
Who is the follower of Iago? Roderigo
Who learned that armed Turkish galleys were preparing to attack the island of Cyprus and in this emergency, summoned Othello to his chambers? Duke of Venice
Who was commanded by the duke to lead the Venetian forces to Cyprus? Othello
Who told that Othello had beguiled Desdemona into marrige without her father’s consent? Iago
Why did Othello fire his lieutenant? His lieutenant gets drunk, and starts a fight
What destroyed the Turkish fleet and scattered the Venecians? Storm
Who was told by Iago that Desdemona was in love with Cassio? Roderigo
Who was drunk because of Iago? Cassio
Who provoked Cassio, who had lost control of himself due to drinking, and engaged in a brawl with him? Roderigo
Who said that he watched the meeting between Desdemona and Cassio? Iago
Who believed that? Othello
What is the first gift that Othello gave to Desdemona? a handkerchief
Who stole the handkerchief and gave it to Iago? Emilia
Did she know that Iago’s plan with the handkerchief? No
Where Iago hid the Desdemona’s handkerchief? Cassio’s house
What did Iago say when Othello demanded proof of his wife’s disloyalty? He lied that Cassio loves Desdemona.
What did Othello decide after hearing that? He decided to kill Desdemona.
At that time, what was Iago’s plan? Killing Cassio in three days
What is the relationship between Iago and Emilia? Emilia is Iago’s wife
Who had the handkerchief at the end of Act 3? Bianca
Why did she have it? Cassio gave it to her for her to take out the design.
After Iago lied and told Othello that Cassio confessed going to bed with Desdemona, what advice did he give to Othello? forget it
How does Othello kill Desdemona? to suffocate her
Why was Bianca angry with Cassio? She loved him, and she thought that other woman gave him a handkerchief
What was Lodovico’s reaction to Othello’s behavior towards Desdemona? He was shocked, and couldn’t believe it.
Why did Iago tell Rodriego to kill Cassio? Because it will removes some possibilities for complications to Iago’s plan.
Why did Roderigo consent to think about it? Because Iago had shown him how the removal of Cassio would be necessary in the plan for Roderigo’s having Desdemona.
How would Iago gain from Roderigo’s death? Iago wouldn’t have to own up to stealing the jewels he was supposed to be giving to Desdemona from Roderigo.
How would Iago gain from Cassio’s death? Iago’s lies to Othello would be safe.
What happened when Cassio and Roderigo fought? Roderigo got damage by Cassio
Who told the truth about Iago? Emilia
What happened to Othello at the end? He killed himself
What happened to Iago at the end? He was sent to be tortured
What happened to Cassio at the end? He became Lord Governer

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