Othello important events- which act and scene?

Brabantio is told of Othello and Desdemona’s marriage Act 1 Scene 1
Senators consider the news of Turkish threats Act 1 Scene 3
Brabantio accuses Othello publicly of abduction Act 1 Scene 3
Loving greeting between Othello and Desdemona Act 2 Scene 1
Cassio and Roderigo’s drunk fight Act 2 Scene 3
Cassio dismissed from office Act 2 Scene 3
Othello goes off to inspect fortifications Act 3 Scene 2
Emilia steals Desdemona’s handkerchief Act 3 Scene 3
Othello confronts Desdemona about the whereabouts of her handkerchief Act 3 Scene 4
Othello’s epileptic fit Act 4 Scene 1
Othello overhears conversation between Iago and Cassio thinking they are discussing Cassio and Desdemona when in fact they are discussing Cassio and Bianca Act 4 Scene 1
Othello slaps Desdemona Act 4 Scene 1
Othello accuses Desdemona of dishonesty and calls her a whhore Act 4 Scene 2
Emilia and Desdemona discuss men and whether they would commit adultery if it benefited their husbands Act 4 Scene 3
Roderigo attempts to kill Cassio but fails. Iago strikes Cassio and then runs away. He also stabbed Roderigo Act 5 Scene 1
Othello murders Desdemona Act 5 Scene 2
Emilia stabbed by Iago Act 5 Scene 2
Othello stabs himself Act 5 Scene 2