Othello History

When was shakespeare born? 1564
How far did Shakespeare go in education? Grammar school
When and who did Shakespeare marry 1582 Anne Hathaway
How many children did Shakespeare have? 3 children
What year did Shakespeare leave his family and travel to London for work as an actor and playwright 1590
What was Shakespeare part owner of? The globe theater
What monarchs was Shakespeare favorable to? Elizabeth I and James I
What title was Shakespeare’s company titled by king James? King’s Men
How old and when did Shakespeare die? 1616 at age 52
Shakespeare is the author of how many plays and sonnets? 37 plays and 154 sonnets
When was Othello first performed by the King’s Men at the court of King James November 1, 1604
When was Othello written? During Shakespeare’s great tragic period
Where is othello set? Against the backdrop of the wars between Venice and turkey that raged in the latter part of the sixteenth century
What was the setting for most of the action of othello Cyprus
Who is Shakespeare? A moorish general
What three things was Othello accused of? Witch craft stealing and abusing
Why did Desdemona say she killed her self at the end? She was fulfilling her roll as a wife and protecting her husband and proving her purity and loyalty
Who dies in Othello? Desdemona Roderigo Othello Brabanzio Emilia and eventually Iago
Who were the five people on the ship? Iago Desdemona Othello Roderigo Emilia
What was Iago’s plan? 1- sees Cassio and Desdemona hand holding and tells Othello2- Gets Cassio drunk and tells Montano3- Cassio demoted (stabbed governor Montano) Iago promoted4-rumors spread
Who were the moors? North African dark skinned muslims
Who were the Venetians? The people of Venice, the majority of the population
Social classes? Venetians are majority moors are minority
Military hierarchy? All obey the duke general is leader of army lieutenant give orders to lower ranked soldiers
What is alluded to through the play Othello’s darkness or blackness
Why is Othello different? No other moor is given such a heroic role
Why is Iago unique near Othello Has a stereotypical view of Othello as a moor and wants promotion
What is the role of women? Supposed to serve men are basically property do what person before you did/meant to marry
What was expected of a daughter? To obey fathers and listen to mothers/no voice
What was expected of a bride? To be loyal to and advise her husband. Desdemona is unique because she has a voice
Men and women relationship above criticism? To be approved by father and father/daughter relationship important also race so no moors and Venetians together
What were the rules of courtship? Mutual fathers permission/family sets up relationship
Othello Shakespeare compressed into a few days against background of military conflict
What is the theme of difference in Othello? The opposition of black and white imagery