Othello Graphic Organizer For Relationships

Iago and Othello Iago lies to nearly everyone he knows. He lies to Othello about who he really is to him. Iago plans to ruin Othello because he promoted Cassio and not him. I’m assuming that he has his problems with Othello because of this promotion as well as Iago’s revealed feelings for Desdemona.
Othello and Cassio Until Cassio’s drunken fight, Othello and him had a decent relationship, Cassio reporting to Othello due to the promotion to Cassio’s position.
Iago and Cassio Iago has this grudge against Cassio because of the promotion as well as Iago’s idea that Cassio is sleeping with Emelia, Iago’s wife.
Roderigo and Iago Iago hardcore uses Roderigo against Othello. He uses him as a bait for Desdemona. Both are jealous of Othello.
Othello and Desdemona “Lovers” who are married.
Desdemona and Roderigo Roderigo likes Desdemona and continues chasing her even after Brabantio telle her to stop.