Othello Fun Facts

what special gift from his ancestry has othello given desdemona? a strawberry spotted handkerchief
what place does the second act move to? cyprus
why does othello go to cyprus? to protect venice’s interests against the turks. but by the time he gets there, the turkish fleet has been defeated by a storm – which leaves othello and his officers with no actual military duties to do
who has othello promoted at the beginning of the play? cassio
what is an ancient an ancient was the lowest level of commissioned officer
what did the term, moor, mean in shakespeare’s time? any person of african (moorish) decent
what is brabantio’s rank? senator
who is brabantio? desdemona’s father
what attracts desdemona to othello at first? his stories
who gave the handkerchief to othello? his mother
how old is iago? 28
what animal does iago liken othello and desdemona to when speaking of them to desdemona’s father? sheep
what emotion motivates iago? jealousy
how long does it take for iago to work othello into the state where he kills his own wife? three days
what was “venice” in shakespeare’s time synonymous with? luxury and culture
when was the play written? 1604
what does othello cry when he is writting on the floor? goats and monkeys

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