Othello Final

Pit Enclosed open courtyard where the groundlings stood
Groundlings People who paid the lowest ticket price and stood in the pit
Galleries People who paid for more expensive tickets sat here
Main stage Platform where play was performed
Trap door This could be opened on the stage to allow scenes where ghosts and demons could appear
Heavens Decorated or painted area above the stage
Inner below Small room in the back of the stage
Balcony Above and to the rear of the main stage was this area where actors could look into the main stage
Inner above Behind the balcony was a small curtained room
1599 What year was the Globe built
Southwark What was the name of the London suburb in which they built the globe
Thames river What river was near the globe
Owners would raise flags on top of the huts How would citizens know which theaters were giving performances
Thatched What type of roof did the globe have
Balconies What were located above and on both sides of the main stage
Tree branches What was used to indicate that a scene was taking place in a forest
Duke of venice Political leader of venice
Brabantio A senator, desdemonas father
Hut Part of the theater where the flag would be raised
Othello The moor; in the military service of Venice
Cassio Othellos respected lieutenant
Iago Othellos ensign; a villian
Roderigo A gullible gentleman
Montano The governor of Cyprus prior to othello
Clown Othellos servant
Desdemona Brabantios daughter and othellos wife
Emilia Iagos wife
Bianca A prostitute/courtesan
The Turkish fleet were wiped out by a storm What news do we hear about the Turkish Fleet right in the beginning of the scene
In the summer they were performed outside and in the winter they were performed in indoor play houses You love to attend plays at the Globe Theatre you’re around how our place performed in the summer versus the winter
Because London’s authorities band the public presentation of plays and all theaters with in the city limits of London In order to attend a play you need to cross the river themes and go to a suburb of London a place Nona Southwarke why were all plays performed outside of the city limits
The globe attractive young people and there were many complaints of apprentices avoiding work to go to the theater What type of audience did the globe attract
The result was direct copies of plays In Shakespeare’s time copyright laws do not exist in the books what was a direct result of this legal loophole
Couldn’t perform to their roles were played by young boys Could Female actresses perform in the Globe Theatre who took on the rules of the female characters
They died of poisoning due to the vast quantities of lead in their make up What unhealthy material was in the make up and cause the death of some actors
A fire broke out You were unable to attend any plays after June 1613 why
Iago claims of Bellemede Casio Lieut. instead of him In the opening scene it is made apparent that Iago hates Othello why does Iago resent him
Desdemona’s father they woke him to make him find out about Desdemonas secret marriage to Othello Who is Brabantio why did Iago and Roderigo wake him in the middle of the night
He is very much disturbed How does brabantio react to Desdemona and othellos marriage
He doesn’t want Othello to know he ratted out his marriage. He is vicious and sneaky he is untrustworthy Why did Iago leave Roderigo at brabantios house what do Iago’s actions reveal about his character
He acts as if he wants to kill Roderigo and told Othello all the awful things Roderigo said How does Iago at around othello in the opening lines of seem to
Casio is othellos Lieut. Who is Casio and what rank does he hold
He thinks othello put a spell on her he used illegal acts on her Why does Barbantio think his daughter married othello? in other words what does he think Othello has done to convince Desdemona into matrimony
He thinks he should be sent to prison and then put on trial Where does Barbantio want to see othello sent
A massive Turkish fleet is approaching the island of Cyprus In the opening of scene three what important political matter does the Duke and his senators discuss
The Turkish fleet is heading to rhodes What important news does the sailor bring
He says he isn’t well spoken and Asks for Desdemona to tell their story she fell in love with Othellos stories As we know Barbantio wants to see othello punished for marrying his daughter Desdemona how does othello defend himself against Barbantios angry and irrational charges
The Duke is skeptical and thinks Othello should stand up for himself How does the Duke react to othellos defense
She says that like her mother was more loyal to her father she is more loyal to her husband If she appears Barbantio asks Desdemona where most you owe obedience what is her response to her father’s question
He wants to send Othello there to stop him. Desdemona is going to go with othello As we know the Turks are preparing to invade Cyprus what does the Duke decide to do in order to stop the enemy
Because he thinks Desdemona will never be with him After the stage clears leaving only Iago and Roderigo behind, the latter wishes commit suicide by drowning himself why?
Iago Who says this: people can change their personalities at will; they can shape them into something else
He is devious and will say whatever he has to in order to play both sides What does that say about Iago’s character
He thinks Roderigo is a fool and Hates Othello. He thinks othello had an affair with his wife and he has skipped him over for a promotion At the end of the act Iago finally delivers a soliloquy onstage to reveal his motivations to the audience describe his feelings towards Roderigo and Othello
He will convince Othello that Desdemona and Casio are having an affair How does Iago plan to destroy othellos life and bring him to complete ruin
He is worried about Othello What is Cassio’s major worry
He dislikes how she talks a lot and Desdemona laughs it off After Cassio greets Emilia Iago criticizes his wife for her behavior. What does he dislike about her? How does Desdemona react to his comments?
He witnesses Casio kiss Desdemona on the hand What action does Iago witness between Casio and Desdemona
Iago can easily convince othello that Casio and Desdemona are having an affair How will be a bold action play into Iago’s devious plan
Casio is young handsome and flattering It is clear that Iago views othello as different and thinks that eventually Desdemona will share the same opinion. Why does he think Desdemona will lose her love for Othello
Casio If Desdemona were to leave othello who would be her first choice according to Iago
He wants Roderigo to pick a fight with Casio What instructions does Iago gift to Roderigo
That they love each other What does Iago believe about Casio and Desdemona
He loves her What does Iago believe about othello and Desdemona
He loves her partly lust and partly revenge What does Iago feel for Desdemona
Slander him to othello so othello will reward him How does Iago plan to discredit Casio
They are going to partly because of othellos wedding and because the Turkish fleet is being destroyed What important announcement does the Herald make
He says he’s very honest What is Othello’s opinion of Iago
He think she’s very provocative and Casio thinks she’s perfection and very modest What is Iago’s opinion of Desdemona and what is Cassio’s opinion of Desdemona
Because he can’t hold his liquor very well Iago attempts to convince Casio to have a drink and the young man refuses why
He says come on it’s a party celebrate enjoy yourself How does Iago eventually convinced Casio to enjoy a drink
He doesn’t want Casio to be thinking clearly and wants to put him in more Of a position to fight with Roderigo What is Iago’s ulterior motive for getting Cassio drunk
Othello says that Casio will never again serve as his officer and he fires him When Othello here’s what happened his reaction is what
He tells him to confess to Desdemona to try to get her to convince othello to give him his position back What advice does Iago give to Casio
Iago will tell othello that deademona is cheating right when Cassio Is speaking to Desdemona and Iago’s wife will convince Desdemona to speak on Cassios behalf After Cassio is fired what are Iago’s next two moves
He thinks Iago is kind and honest both are tricked by Iago in thinking he’s honest and believe his opinions What are Casio’s feelings toward Iago and how are they similar to the feelings Othello expressed about Iago
Because Casio her Montano who is very famous in Cyprus so he had no choice but to fire him Why did Othello feel as though he had no other choice except to let Casio go
Because Casio asked her to do this and she’s loyal to her friends because she thinks she’ll be doing her husband a favor by reuniting him with a friend What two reasons does Desdemona agree to plead Cassio’s case
He says that all the women in Venice cheat and othello being a foreigner would have no reason not to believe this What does Iago say about the women in Venice why might othello be inclined to believe him
He reminds othello that Desdemona deceived her father to marry him What warning does Iago echo to othello
He claims he has a headache What does Othello claim is bothering him
The handkerchief was the very first gift that othello gave to Desdemona What information does Amelia provide us about the handkerchiefs importance
Iago and he plans to use it to plant in Cassio’s room as evidence of the affair Who takes the handkerchief from Amelia and what does this character plan to do with it
Iago says he shared a tent with Casio and in his sleep Casio said Desdemona’s name and kissed him he tells Othello that he saw Casio wipe his face with Desdemona’s handkerchief What first bit of evidence does Iago give Othello of Casio and Desdemona’s affair
Murderous At this point what is othellos mood
He wants him to kill Casio within three days Othello makes Iago Lieut. What task does he give him
Why does Desdemona not want to tell othello that she lost the handkerchief Because she knows it would put evil thoughts in his head
He says that it was given to his mother by a gypsy and as long as she had it she be desirable and his father would love her completely What information does Othello get about the handkerchiefs history
He is angry and jealous and wants to confirm that she lost it he wants to catch Desdemona lying Why does Othello demand to see the handkerchief even though he already knows she doesn’t have it
Her pleading won’t help at the moment because othello isn’t himself When Casio asks Desdemona about his case what did she tell him
Desdemona thinks he’s angry because of state business and Emelia thinks he may be jealous What does Desdemona think is the main cause of othellos rage how does Emelia reply to her
Casio has been away from her for a week and she thinks the handkerchief is another woman’s and that Casio is seeing someone else State two reasons why Bianka is upset with Casio
Othello has a seizure In the beginning of act four Iago Taunts Othello and claims that Casio has told him of his affair with Desdemona. He further agitates othello with lewd images what’s the result?
She uses Cassio to buy food and clothes and that she loves Cassio but has many men What further information to Iago reveal about Bianca?
Iago whispers when he says Bianka’s name How does Iago manage to make Cassio discuss Bianka while othello thinks he’s talking about desdemona
He despises her cheating but still loves her Why do you think othello says one moment that desdemona is a sweet creature and then in another breath says to let his wife rot
He’s asking about Desdemona’s interactions with Casio because Emilia is her lady in waiting and sees her all the time In opening lines seem to what matter are othello and Emilia discussing? why would he ask Emilia?
Emilia thinks some awful person has given othello this idea. Iago says there is no such person and basically tells her to shut up. Emilia Iago and Desdemona discuss othellos rage. What are Emilia’s thoughts about othellos accusations? What is Iago’s reaction?
Iago wants him to kill Casio What does Iago want Roderigo to do
Casio was wearing pretty strong armor What saves cassio from Roderigos sword
He demands her to confess her sins and say her prayers After Desdemona awakened what does he command her to do
Desdemonas marriage killed her father with grief What’s does gratiano say happened to barbantio back in Venice
Describe him as a wise man who love too much and to write an exact count of what happened What is othellos request of lodovico
Casio becomes governor of Cyprus who will get to torture Iago and get information out of him What are Iago’s and Cassio’s fates?