Othello: Familial Love

you’re robb’d Iago to Brabantio Act 1
you have lost half your soul;Even now, now, very now, an old black ramIs tupping your white ewe Iago to Brabantio Act 1
[I do not] serve Othello for love and duty, but for my own peculiar end Iago Act 1
Her father loved me; oft invited me;Still question’d me the story of my life, Othello Act 1
Make the Moor thank me, love me and reward me.For making him egregiously an ass Iago Act 2
I being absent and my place supplied,My general will forget my love and service. Cassio Act 3
I am glad of it; for now I shall have reasonTo show the love and duty that I bear youWith franker spirit: therefore, as I am bound,Receive it from me. Iago Act 3
Witness that here Iago doth give upThe execution of his wit, hands, heart,To wrong’d Othello’s service! Iago Act 3
I greet thy love,Not with vain thanks, but with acceptance bounteous, Othello Act 3
Now, sir, be judge yourself,Whether I in any just term am affinedTo love the Moor Iago Act 1
I am bound to see forever Othello
Cassio, I love theeBut never more be officer of mine. Othello Act 2