Othello – Critic Quotes

Othello ”He is full of the most vehement passion” – A.C. Bradley
Othello ”Othello’s colour and gender make him occupy contradictory positions in relation to power” – Ania Loomba, author of postcolonial works
Desdemona ”accepts her culture’s dictum that she must be obedient to males” and is ”self-denying in the extreme” when she dies – Marilyn French, Feminist author
Desdemona ”She idealises Othello and cannot recognise that he is as susceptible to irrationality and evil as other men” – Shirley Garner
Iago ”Iago is an extreme instance…of diseased intellectual activity, with the perfect indifference to moral good or evil” – William Hazlett
Iago ”[He’s not] evil incarnate, [but] part of the soldierly world” – Ian Mckellen
Emilia ”She nowhere shows any sign of having a bad heart” – A.C Bradley
Emilia ”The virtue of Emilia is such as we often find worn loosely” – Samuel Johnson
Cassio ”Cassio is a handsome, light-hearted, good-natured young fellow, who takes life gaily, and is evidently very attractive and popular” – A.C Bradley
Roderigo ”Roderigo is a fool” – B.J Paris
Othello review, Oxford in 1610 ”Desdemona’s death…she implored the pity of her spectators” – female tragic heroine resonates with audience

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