Othello Characters

Othello -Moor-protagonist, highly respected-military general-Desdemona’s husband-has a weak mind; is prone to jealousy-kills his loving wife
Desdemona -daughter of Brabantio-wife of Othello-“no one but myself…”-kind, fair, but headstrong-is said to be having an affair with Cassio
Iago -antagonist-Emilia’s husband-wants to be O’s lieutenant-is jealous of Cassio-very smart and cunning; manipulates people-“pours pestilence” into O’s ear-orchestrates the downfall of O, E, C, R, and D-wants Cassio to be fired so he will become lieutenant-kills Emilia and Roderigo
Cassio -O’s lieutenant-Bianca is his lover-Iago is jealous of Cassio-Iago makes Cassio lose his job-thinks Iago is friend-looks up to Othello-Iago claims that Cassio is having an affair with D-kind of a ladies man-Iago uses Cassio to play on Othello’s insecurities-gets drunk; fights Montano and Roderigo; gets wounded
Bianca -prostitute -Cassio’s lover-when Cassio talks about Bianca to Iago, Othello thinks he is talking about Desdemona and their affair, and is very, very angry and upset
Emilia -Iago’s wife-gets killed by Iago-Desdemona’s attendant-suspicious -does not trust Iago-probably the only character who knows whats going on
Lodovico -One of Brabantio’s kinsman-cousin of Desdemona-messenger from Venice to Cyprus-arrives in Act 4 with news that Cassio is has replaced Othello as governor of Cyprus-is shocked that Othello hits Desdemona and speaks to her with such disrespect
Brabantio -Desdemona’s father-wealthy Venetian senator-dies from depression because Othello took his only daughter away from him-hates Roderigo
Roderigo -jealous suitor of Desdemona-young, rich and foolish-gives Iago all his money because Iago claims that he will win Desdemona’s hand for Roderigo-jealous of Othello, Cassio-tries to kill Cassio but ends up dying himself
Duke -the official authority in Venice-deep respect for Othello-sends Othello to Cyprus-decides whether Othello or Brabantio is right when Brabantio accuses Othello of drugging Desdemona
Montano -governor of Cyprus before Othello-tells Venetian soldiers that the Turks have drowned-gets in a fight with drunk Cassio and is wounded