Othello Characters

Othello protagonist; hero; Moor and general of Venetian army; gullible and older
Iago Othello’s ensign (standard bearer); antagonist; manipulative and destructive
Desdemona daughter of Brabantio; married to Othello; smothered to death by Othello
Cassio Othello’s lieutenant; resented by Iago; loses his place as lieutenant after a drunken brawl; wounded by Iago
Duke of Venice official authority in Venice; has great respect for Othello; sends Othello to Cyprus; indecisive in matters of state
Brabantio father of Desdemona; a Venetian senator; becomes angry when he hears about secret marriage between Othello and Desdemona; accuses Othello of witchcraft before meeting of the senate
First Senator intelligent and fair minded; discusses movement of Turkish fleet to Cyprus with the Duke
Second Senator discusses movement of Turkish fleet with Duke and First Senator; says that he is certain the Turks are advancing on Cyprus
Gratiano Venetian gentleman; kinsmen to Brabantio; friend of Lodovico; Desdemona’s uncle; takes all fortunes and property of Othello
Lodovico Venetian gentleman; kinsmen to Brabantio; proper, speaks well, handsome; emphasizes monstrosity of Othello’s jealousy; acts as a messenger from Venice to Cyprus; concludes the play
Roderigo Venetian gentleman; in love with Desdemona; tells Brabantio of Desdemona’s marriage to Othello; sells all belongings and falls into Iago’s trap; tries to stab Cassio but fails; murdered by Iago
Montano official in Cyprus (governor); stabbed by drunken Cassio
Clown servant in Othello’s household; tells musicians to leave Othello’s house; makes jokes
Emilia Iago’s wife; attendant to Desdemona; finds Desdemona’s handkerchief and brings it to Iago; tells truth about Iago’s evilness; killed by Iago
Bianca prostitute in Cyprus; in love with Cassio; asked by Cassio to copy embroidery of handkerchief; framed with Cassio and heard by Othello