Othello AP Questions

All can be understood from how Othello compares women to “delicate creature” (273) EXCEPT? I Women are a delight to be around
How does the speaker’s tone change from lines 273 (“Oh, curse…”) to 279 ( “like death”)? Anger to acceptance
In the passage, the speaker is most concerned with representing… The destined deception of love
The speaker of the soliloquy is most likely… Feeling betrayed
The his assertion in lines 273-274 (“That we call…not their appetites”), the speaker uses Juxtaposition
In lines 262-264 (“This fellow’s….human dealings”), what can be inferred about the “fellow” Othello is speaking about? Othello believes he is trustworthy
The lines 274-275 (“I had rather be…of a dungeon”) contains an example of Allegory
In line 278, “Prerogatived” most likely refers to Social Classes
Othello’s soliloquy pertains to all of the following except State of denial from being betrayed
How is Othello’s attitude change significant when talking about “this fellow” then his own wife? It elicits irony as he trusts a random man over his own wife
In the context of the passage, how is the word “haggard” used in line 264? Guilty
Based on the passage, which best represents the speaker’s attitude towards “the thing” mentioned in line 276 Disbelief of the possibility of its betrayal