Othello and the Moors

Othello General to the armies of Venice, he is the play’s protagonist
Desdemona Daughter of Barbantio, she secretly married Othello
Iago Passed over for a promotion, he is the manipulative villain of the play
Cassio Promoted to lieutenant by Othello he is loyal to him and is used by Iago to trick Othello.
Roderigo A jealous suitor of Desdemona, he is used by Iago in his scheme to get back at Othello.
Barbantio Desdemona’s father, he is a self-important Venetian senator
Venice An independent city-state located in Italy, it is where the play starts
Cordoba A Moorish city renowned for its universities and schools
Astrolabe A device for measuring the position of the stars and planets
Jizya A specific tax paid by non-Muslims to maintain full rights living in the Moorish kingdom
Berbers North African natives who eventually accepted Arab customs and Islam
Moor Muslim of mixed Arab and Berber descent.
Matt Ryan Quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons
Shakespeare’s first name William
Medieval Middle Ages
Candid sincere, straightforward
Culture the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time
University level of education following secondary education
Crusades Series of long lasting battles between the Christians and the Muslims for control of Jerusalem
What does NCAA stand for? National Collegiate Athletic Association
What does NFL stand for? National Football League
What is Mount Vernon’s mascot? Mustangs
Othello’s position in the military General
The period immediately following the Middle Ages Renaissance
Cyprus An island where Othello goes for the military
The NBA team located in Atlanta Hawks
The MLS team located in Atlanta Atlanta United
What does MLS stand for? Major League Soccer