Othello and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Finals

Who is Junior (Arnold) Spirit Junior is an Indian of the Spokane tribe that is the main character. He talks and draws about Native American Sterotypes. Junior is best friends with Rowdy at Wellpinit high school, but decides that he doesn’t want to become hopeless within their town, wants to be different, so he moves to Rearden High School. He is one of the 2 Indian kids there, and is segregated at first. He loses Rowdy as his best friend, meets Penelope, Roger, and Gordy as new close friends, joins basketball team, and beats Wellpinit but feels guilty. He lives in poverty, has “Water in the head”, cannot speak well, but shows that he is smart. He has been bullied all of his life, and Rowdy is only person that protects him until Junior moves. Suffers death of Grandmother, Eugene, and sister.
Who is Rowdy Has abusive father, hides pain with tough outer mask, only shows Junior his true self, protects junior from all bullying until Junior moves schools,
Who is Mary Spirit sister of Arnold, dies when getting drunk and passing out with boyfriend after marriage and fire engulfing their truck in flames, always wanted to write Romance novels, was hopeless and lived only in basement until she decided to venture out and marry/do something with her life
Who is Grandmother Spirit Person who was killed by drunk driver, loved god, asks for forgiveness to those whom do harm/ person who killed her, loves everyone
Who is Arnold’s dad strong man who IS breakable in some instances
Who is Arnold’s mom mom is weakened by all deaths, wants to always be with Junior
Who is Eugene best friend of Junior’s father, dies when drunk fighting over last bottle of beer and gets shot by person he is fighting with
Who is Gordy first best friend of Junior at new Rearden high school, brainiac that supports Junior when he corrects teacher, teaches Junior how to read and understand origon of words
Who is Penelope girlfriend of Junior for some time, supports Junior overtime, bulimic, has pressure of parents to do perfectly in school, is first person Junior admits to about poverty
Who is Roger guy who at first bullies Junior, but when Junior punches him in the face, Roger respects Junior and instead befriends him, plays basketball with Junior, first to predict that Junior is poor, gives Junior money to pay off bill at diner after dance
Who is Mr. P teacher that Junior throws a book at and breaks his nose, tells Junior to find hope outside of Wellpinit and go somewhere else, tells Junior secret life of his sister
Who is Mr. Ted Rich man who goes to Grandmother Spirits funeral to “return” clothing that apparantly does not actually belong to her, comic relief in sad moment
Who is Arnold’s Coach Supportive man, tries to protect Junior
What are some of the Native american steryotypes bloodthirsty savages, uncivilized, without culture, cruel, scary villans, should be segregated, white men always beat them, more indians that whites, whites own all land, harmoneous with nature, slaughterers, vicious killers, whites are better, inhumane
major plot points Junior lives on reservation in Wellpinit, bullied but protected by Rowdy, outcast due to disabilities.Junior is given his mother’s old textbook from school, understands lack of money school has, and throws book at teacher p. Teacher P tells him to leave reservation and find hope elsewhere because he has potential to still be hopeful. Junior moves to Rearden school for better education, and is shunned by Wellpinit. Junior feels like he is 2 different lives, gains respect of Roger, befriends Penelope after showing he cares about her well-being. He is hurt intentionally when playing against Wellpinit in basketball, Eugene, grandmother, and Mary die senseless deaths that were preventable due to alcoholism. Junior wins against Wellpinit in basketball rematch, arnold thinks about what makes him happy,loves himself, becomes friends with Rowdy again
Themes dealing with guilt, expressing yourself, acceptance
who is Othello Outsider not from Venice, Moor, not used to customs, easily deceived by Iago, lover of Desdemona until told that she is cheating on him by Iago, warrior, great general, acts on pure instinct
Who is Iago Iago is deceiver that tricks Othello into believing that Desdemona is cheating on him, steals Roderigo’s money
Who is Desdemona wife of Othello, loyal to Othello no matter what
Who is Amelia wife of Iago that tells world that Iago has been lying to Othello to cause Othello to kill Desdemona, kind-hearted, honest, hates all men because of way Iago treats her, more sensible and down- to- earth
Who is Brabantio father of Desdemona that does not want Desdemona to marry Othello, Desdemona turns on him peacefully
Who is Roderigo uneducated man that is easily deceived by Iago as Iago’s friend, does whatever Iago tells him to do, wants more than anything to be dating Desdemona
Who is Bianca Lower class woman that Cassio is dating, treated poorly, told by Cassio to remake markings on Desdemona’s stolen handkerchief framed by Iago to be belonging to Cassio
who is Cassio Lieutenant of Othello up until near the end of the play, loses job by being urged to drink and then agitated by Roderigo, wants job back, Desdemona’s friend, Iago frames him to be dating Desdemona behind Othello’s back
Elizabethan England information on classes watching play lower classes watch play by standing on floor, wealthy get to sit on top of balconies to watch
Information on gender in plays Elizabethan England only males were actors until a female was forced to play Juliet when male actor couldn’t. In general females couldn’t go to school, studied under private tutors is wanted, no right to vote, only acted as mothers for children
Race of Moor in Othello Not clear is Othello was black, but was alienated in many plays due to his skin color and different cultural background of Africa. Because he marriend Desdemona of white skin and Venetian culture, he was able to associate himself with venetians
major plot points Othello Iago tells Roderigo that he hates Othello, then they both tel Brabantio of Desdemona being married to Othello. Brabantio gets in arguement with othello because he is upperclass in front of Duke, Othello proves he did not use witchcraft to gain love of Desdemona, and Desdemona proves love for Othello. Othello goes to fight the Turkish in Venice. That night Roderigo gets Cassio mad while Iago forces Cassio to get drunk, and Cassio is rid of lieutenantry after stabbing Montano. Cassio tries to appeal to Desdemona, and Desdemona promises to talk to Othello, Othello believes Desdemona and Cassio have an affair due to Iago lying. Iago gets Amelia to get Desdemona’s handkerchief and give it to him, and Iago plants handkerchief on Cassio to make it look like Desdemona gave him their handkerchief. Then, Othello officially loses his mind when he sees handkerchief and Cassio talking about love, thinking he is referring to Desdemona rather than Bianca. Othello strikes Desdemona in public, and offends her while desdemona remains loyal. OThello prepares to kill Desdemona, Iago gets Roderigo to kill Cassio, but Roderigo is unsuccessful. Desdemona claims to have committed sucide prior to officially dying. Amelia reveals that Iago is cause of all of deaths and problems, Iago kills Amelia, Othello kills himself after injuring Iago, and Iago is sent to be killed.