Othello: Analysis

7 Elements Shakespeare Tragedy
Status Quo(Act 1) Play begins as things have always been (Iago’s intentions)
Intro of Protagonist (Act 1) (Othello)
Intro of Antagonist (Act 1) (Iago)
New Force something that sets the play in motion(War being won)
Elements of Rising Action(Acts 2 and 3)
Climax Technical: Turning point;a decision made by a character that changes things forever (Always in Act 2>Iago’s decision to go forward with his plan )Dramatic: highest point of emotion (Usually Act 5> Othello learning the truth about the handkerchief )
Denouement Resolution > order is restored (Othello ‘ s death)
4 Elements of a Tragic Hero Shakespeare Tragedy
1. Tragic Hero Basically Good: has to be good or it would be justice not tragedy
2. Tragic Hero Superior in some way: usually rank
3. Tragic Hero Tragic Flaw: (Pride and Jealousy)
4. Tragic Hero Tragic Realization: (Othello realising Desdemona is innocent )
Theme: Appearance vs reality Iago talking to Cassio about Bianca while Othello believes they are talking about Desdemona
Theme: Light vs Dark “Put out the light, and then put out the light” (V.ii.7) b/c the first light means the one he’s carrying, the second light is Desdemona ‘ s life
Theme: Order vs Chaos Desdemona discussing the rift between Cassio and Othello and expresses her love for Cassio. Othello is angered and hits her and Desdemona thinks it’s because of the letter
Motif: Sight and Blindness Iago wants Othello to observe instead of asking bc he will be able to make things appear different than they actually are
Motif: Jealousy Othello and Iago’s jealousy lead to their downfalls
Symbol: Handkerchief Iago placing it in Cassie’s room to make it look like Desdemona gave it to him
Symbol: Desdemona’s Song Desdemona’s mother had a maid who loved a mam who went mad and had forsaken her; died singing this song > foreshadows a mad Othello and jealous Othello trying to kill her
Emilia and Desdemona as Foils Desdemona is innocent and thinks Othello is pure and good while Emilia knows that men can be mean. Desdemona would never cheat on Othello; Emilia thinks women have the same needs as men. Desdemona obeys Othello because he’s her husband and a man; Emilia is vocal and will not allow her husband to tell her what to do
Dramatic Irony Everyone believes that Iago is honest and trustworthy while in reality he is manipulating everyone
Cassio and Iago as Foils Cassio cares about Othello; Iago hates him. Cassio is honest and trustworthy; Iago is dishonest and manipulative. Cassio treats woman w/ respect; Iago is sexist