Othello: Acts 4-5 Quote Analysis

Act 4
credulous fools Iago- saying that his plan is working
minx’s token Bianca- is not falling under Iago’s scheme, knows the handkerchief didn’t come from Cassio
wits safe Lodovico- Iago has everyone in the palm of his hand and can manipulate them easily
bawdy wind that kisses Othello- shows his more emotional and controlling side
insinuating rouge, some cogging Emilia- shows how Iago is two-sided and how people cannot think why Othello is acting the way he is and is angered
his unkindness may defeat my life Desdemona- shows how desdemona truly does not know what is happening and is genuinely concerned about Othello
great price for a small vice Emilia- shows how she is willing to break that commitment with a husband/have an affair if it would make that person king
Summary of Act 4 Othello asks Emilia about the behaviour of Desdemona and she says there is nothing wrong. Desdemona denies being unfaithful when Othello questions her alone. Emilia and Desdemona put the wedding sheets on the bed. They question Iago of Othello’s behaviour. Emilia help Desdemona undress while Desdemona is singing the song willow. Emilia says she is in support of having an affair if there is a great gain to it. Othello questions Desdemona again.
Act 5
devotion to the deed Roderigo- it shows how iago has persuaded Rodrigo to kill Cassio and follow his plan of revenge.
oh, brave Iago, honest and just Othello- shows how everyone is blinded to Iago and his manipulative personality
kill men i’ th’ dark Iago- verbally punishing Rodrigo even though he is the reason Cassio was stabbed
plucked thy rose othello- contemplating if he should kill Desdemona and how
kill thy unprepared spirit Othello- continuing to have to have somewhat kind heart before killing Desdemona
no stones in heaven Othello- has come to see the real Iago: two-sided villain Iago
loved not wisely Othello- not willing to hide what has happened, he’s being honest
tragic loading of this bed Lodovico- it shows how the ending of the play is and the result to the madness that has happened, as well that both Desdemona and Othello are dead.
Summary of Act 5 Iago prepares and encourages Rodrigo to kill Cassio. Cassio is wearing armour and was not injured at first, he then stabs Roderigo. Iago then comes behind and stabs Cassio. Ludovico and Gratiano come to help. Iago says Roderigo is to blame and Cassio was previously at Bianca’s house. Othello kills Desdemona . Following assuring she has said her prayers and asked for forgiveness for any wrong doing. Emilia explains her role in the revenge plan. Iago kills his wife. Othello stabs Iago. Othello stabs himself. Roderigo tells about what had happened with Iago’s revenge plan.