Iago is introduced and a racist hateful image of Othello is portrayed Iago manipulates Roderigo and they expose Desdemona + Othello’s relationship to her father Brabantio ACT 1 SCENE 1
Othello is introduced in person + contrasts the previous depiction of him He is a powerful war general Iago’s cowardice + manipulative 2 faced nature is exposed Brabantio confronts Othello and wants to take him before the court ACT 1SCENE 2
Court scene – full of white powerful Venetian men Othello’s status as a military official is emphasised – put before Brabantio Tells of how his tales wooed Desdemona Desdemona speaks before the courtroom – composed, well spoken + confident – usual for womanTheir love is solidified and Othello asked to go to Cyprus Iago’s soliloquy = his plan of destruction ACT 1SCENE 3
Arrive in Cyprus after large stormCassio is shown to be very charming towards DOthello finally arrives + is reunited with DIago decides he will convince Othello of an affair between D + C ACT 2 SCENE 1
Nothing of importance ACT 2SCENE 2
Iago gets Cassio drunk Cassio starts a fight Othello fires Cassio from his second in command Cassio is stripped of his reputation Iago acts as a friend even though he orchestrated his downfallIago prevents Roderigo returning to Venice with his money ACT 2SCENE 3
Nothing of importanceClown scene ACT 3SCENE 1
Nothing of importance ACT 3SCENE 2
Marks Othellos fall as a tragic hero + descent into chaos and jealousy Desdemona tries to advise + help CassioIgao begins to plant seeds of doubt and insuates to Othello Iago steals Desdemonas handkerchief + plants it on Cassio Othello becomes violent + language deteriorates Plans to kill Cassio + Desdemona ACT 3SCENE 3
Othello’s violence increases towards DesdemonaFascination with the handkerchief which he ‘knows’ she gave to CassioNaivety of Desdemona highlighted + contrast to Emilia ACT 3SCENE 4
Othello has a fit of jealousy – showing physical effectsIago manipulates conversation with Cassio while Othello hides to listen – cowardice Plan the death of DesdemonaOthello strikes Desdemona in front of Lodivico – disrespect ACT 4SCENE 1
Othello confronts Emilia about D + C and although she denies it he can’t be consoled Othello battle over who/ what she is Throws money at Emilia – prostitution = disrespectIago gets Roderigo to do his dirty work ACT 4SCENE 2