Othello Act IV

How does Iago continue to provoke Othello’s jealousy? Iago continues to claim Cassio is sleeping with Desdemona.
What does the confrontation between Bianca and Cassio reveal about Cassio’s character? Cassio comes of sadistic. Bianca seems to love him, but Cassio is only using her and she allows it.
Why has Lodovico come to Cyprus and how does he become a part of Iago’s scheming? He came to deliver a letter to Othello telling him Cassio is taking his place. He sees how Othello treats Desdemona and was shocked and Iago was able to get him in his plot.
How does Emilia react to Othello’s initial suggestion of Desdemona’s unfaithfulness? How does Othello respond? Emilia was honest & stood up for Desdemona saying she wasn’t a cheater & a hoe. Othello called her a simple woman & called her a hoe. He believed she was lying for Desdemona.
How does Desdemona react to Othello’s accusation in Scene 2? Desdemona is shocked, hurt & confused. She doesn’t understand why her husband is accusing her of being a hoe.
What purpose do Desdemona’s story of Barbary and the song about the “willow maid” serve? It serves the foreshadowing of her death because the story relates to her situation.