Othello- Act IV

Where does ACT IV of Othello take place? Cyprus
Name TWO of the “deadly sins” exhibited by Iago. anger (wrath)envy (jealousy)gluttony (over-indulgence)pride greed
At the very beginning of Act IV, who was the last person to have the handkerchief? Bianca
Who gave her the handkerchief and what was she doing with it? Cassio gave it to Bianca. She was to copy the ‘work’ in it (strawberries).
How is Iago going to show Othello “proof” of Desdemona’s affair with Cassio at the beginning of Act IV? Get Cassio to confess to it.
Who walks in when Othello falls into a trance of anger (epileptic shock)? Cassio
What does Iago tell Cassio to do? To come back a little later because he had to talk to him (plan of revenge- “proof”)
HOW is Iago going to get Cassio to confess to something he did not do? Have him speak freely about Bianca (hussy) and make Othello belive they are talking about Desdemona.
Where is Othello during the ‘private’ conversation between Iago and Cassio? In hiding
Who are awesome English teachers?! Miss Amorin & Mrs. Forstenhausler!!! Yeaaa!! 🙂
What does Cassio reveal to Iago about Bianca (“Desdemona”)? That he is just sleeping with her for fun, but she thinks that they are going to get married. Nooooooo way!
Who shows up unexpectedly? Bianca
What does Bianca do? Throws the handkerchief in Cassio’s face claiming she’s not stupid enough to believe that Cassio just “found it in his chamber…” It must belong to a “minx”.
When Cassio leaves, what is Othello’s reaction? He wants Cassio and Desdemona killed ASAP!
How does Othello want to kill Desdemona? First he says “hang her,” then “chop her into pieces”, then he says he wants to “poison” her.
What suggestion does Iago give of how to kill Desdemona? To strangle her in “… the bed she hath contaminated.”
Why would the strangling in bed be of advantage to Iago? It would point the finger directly to Othello as the murderer!More trouble for Othello! Buahahaha!
Who is going to be Cassio’s undertaker? Iago
Who arrives with letters from Venice? Lodovico
What awful thing does Othello do in Lodovico’s presence? Slaps and insults Desdemona.
What does Lodovico realize? Othello does not live up to his reputation as a noble and respectful man.
Who is to return back to Venice? Othello
Who is to stay and lead the government in Cyprus? Cassio
Who wrote this play? William Shakespeare
Who does Othello question about Desdemona’s behavior? Emilia
What response does Emilia give about her friend, Desdemona? That she is the most pure and honest woman. He has no reason to be suspicious. She has never seen any inproper behavior. Desdemona is the best type of woman.
What does Emilia believe is the source of Othello’s doubt? Some wretch got into his head making him believe these lies.
What is ironic about Emilia’s belief? Her own husband is that wretch!
What order does Othello give Desdemona? That she wait for him later in bed.
What does Desdemona forsee happening? Othello may hurt or kill her. “wedding sheets”
What does Othello call Desdomona during his confrontation with her? A strumpet.
What does Roderigo confront Iago about? He does not believe that Iago has been helping him out. He plans to confront Desdemona about the gifts to see if she has received them. If she hasn’t, he is coming after Iago! Uh oH! IAGO BETTER WATCH OUT!
What does Iago convince Roderigo to do? Why? Kill Cassio and Desdemona will finally be his! He will be there to back him up.
What is the significance of the Willow song? It foreshadows Desdemona’s death- dying for love. Baaaarf! :P(Mother’s maid Barbary)
What is Emilia’s theory about the downfall of women and love? Men! Always men! Men= trouble!
What “type” of play is Othello? Tragedy
What will happen in Act V?!? Predictions? Enjoy the ending! 🙂