Othello Act III vocabulary

languishes becomes dispirited; appeals for sympathy
errs in ignorance mistakes not with intent, but by accident
discern’st distinguish
not a jot not a bit
haply perhaps because
chamberers noble lords and ladies who spend most of their time indoors entertained by witty and sophisticated conversation
remembrance a keepsake
wayward self-willed; wrong-headed; perverse
filch to steal
import very important reason
acknown acknowledged
on the rack angered, emotionally tortured
ocular visual
gape stare
lewd minx worthless, unchaste woman; a *****
crusadoes Portuguese coins, bearing figure of the cross; also a crusader
castigation corrective discipline; punishment; criticism
heraldry practice of granting notice
chuck a term of endearment
rheum a head cold; sinus pressure and drainage that offends
amiable lovable
advocation pleadings for a cause; a cause or a path of action
conception mere fancy
uttermost extreme
credulous inclined to believe, especially on slight evidence
reproach disgrace
epilepsy known in Shakespeare’s day as “The Falling Sickness”
lethargy morbid drowsiness
encave conceal
construe interpret
caitiff wretch
hobby-horse loose woman, prostitute
iniquity wickedness
cuckold a man whose wife is unfaithful
breach disagreement, quarrel
“by my troth” “by my word”, a mild exclamation
censure opinion, criticism
shrift confessional
beseech earnestly request
wooed courted; dated
conspire secretly plot
importunity repeated requests
suborned induced (urged) to commit a bad action or perjury

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