Othello Act III Quotes

Cassio I have made bold, Iago, to send in to your wife. My suit to her is that she will to virtuous Desdemona procure me some access.
Iago I’ll devise a mean to draw the Moor out of the way, that your converse and business be more free.
Cassio I never knew a Florentine more kind and honest.
Cassio Give me advantage of some brief discourse with Desdemona alone
Desdemona I will do all my abilities in thy behalf.
Emilia It grieves my husband as if the cause were his.
Cassio I being absent and my place supplied, my general will forget my love and service.
Desdemona Assure thee, if I do vow a friendship, I’ll perform it to the last article.
Iago Ha, I like not that.
Desdemona He hath left part of his grief with me to suffer with him.
Desdemona I wonder in my should what you would ask me that I should deny?
Othello Let him come when he will; I will deny thee nothing.
Othello When I love thee not, chaos is come again.
Othello Is he not honest?
Othello Thou echo’st me as if there were some monster in thy thought too hideous to be shown.
Othello If thou dost love me, show me thy thought.
Iago Men should be what they seem; or those that be not, would they might seem none!
Iago Though I am bound to every act of duty I am not bout to that all slaves are free to.
Iago Why say they are vile and false-
Iago Its my natures plague to spy into abuses, and often my jealousy shapes faults that are not.
Iago Good name in man and woman, dear my lord, is the immediate jewel of their souls.
Iago He that filches from me my good name robs me of that which not enriches him and makes me poor indeed.
Iago O, beware, my lord of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock than meat it feeds on.
Iago Riches fineless is as poor as winter to him that ever fears he shall be poor.
Othello Nor from mine own weak merits will I draw the smallest fear or doubt of her revolt, for she had eyes, and she chose me.
Iago Look to your wife, observe her well with Cassio…
Iago In Venice they do let God see the pranks they dare not show their husbands. Their best conscience is not to leave it undone but keep it unknown.
Iago She did deceive her father, marrying you.
Iago I see this hath a little dashed your spirits… I do see you’re moved.
Othello This honest creature doubtless sees and knows more, much more, that he unfolds.
Iago Note if your lady strain his entertainment with any strong or vehement importunity, much will be seen in that.
Othello This fellow’s of exceeding honesty, and knows all qualities with a learned spirit of human dealings.
Emilia I am glad I found this napkin. This was her first remembrance from the Moor. My wayward husband hath a hundred times wooed me to steal it.
Emilia I nothing but to please his fantasy.
Emilia Give it me again. Poor lady, she’ll run mad when she shall lack it.
Iago Trifles light as air are to the jealous confirmations strong as proofs of holy writ.
Othello I swear tis better to be much abused than but to know it a little.
Othello He that is robbed, not wanting what is stolen let him not know it, and he’s not robbed at all.
Othello I had been happy if the general camp, pioners and all, had tasted her sweet body, so i had nothing known.
Othello Villain, be sure thou prove my love a *****! Be sure of it. Give me the ocular proof or… thou hadst been better born a dog than answer my waked wrath.
Iago Are you a man? Have you a soul or sense?
Othello Her name, that was as fresh as Dian’s visage, is now begrimed and black as mine own face.
Iago In sleep I heard him say, ‘Sweet Desdemona, let us be wary…’
Othello I’ll tear her all to pieces.
Iago Such a handkerchief, I am sure it was your wife’s, did I today see Cassio wipe his beard with.
Iago It speaks against her with the other proofs.
Iago Iago doth give up the execution of his wit, hands. heart to wronged Othello’s service!
Othello Within these three days let me hear thee say that Cassio’s not alive.
Othello I will withdraw to furnish me with some swift means of death for the fair devil. Now art thou my lieutenant.
Desdemona I had rather have lost my purse full of crusadoes.
Desdemona My noble Moor is true of mind and made of no such baseness of jealous creatures are.
Desdemona I think the sun where he was born drew all such humors from him.
Othello This hand is moist, my lady.
Desdemona It yet has felt no age nor known no sorrow.
Desdemona For twas that hand that gave away my heart
Othello I have a salt and sorry rheum offends me. Lend me thy handkerchief.
Othello To lose it or give it away were such perdition as nothing else could match.
Desdemona This is a trick to put me from my suit. Pray you, let Cassio be received again.
Emilia Tis not a year or two shows us a man. They are all but stomachs…
Cassio That nor my service past nor present sorrows nor purposed merit in futurity can ransom into his love again.
Desdemona My lord is not my lord.
Desdemona Men’s natures wrangle with inferior things, though great ones are their object.
Emilia They are not ever jealous for the cause, but jealous for they’re jealous. It is monster begin upon itself, born of itself.
Desdemona Heaven keep that monster from Othello’s mind!
Cassio Sweet Bianca, take me this work out.
Cassio I do attend here on the General, and think it no addition, nor my wish, to have him see me womaned.