Othello Act III

To whom does Cassio appeal for help in regaining his position? At the beginning of the act, what does Othello say he plans to do about Cassio? Cassio appeals to Desdemona to help regain his position. Othello plans on giving Cassio his job back.
How does this fit into Iago’s plan? It gets rid of Cassio because Othello won’t like that Desdemona is having an affair
How does Iago get Desdemona’s handkerchief? What does he do with it? Emilia/he puts it in cassio’s room
Explain the significance of the handkerchief. Why is it special? The handkerchief was a gift from his mother on her death bed. If the person he gave it to lost it their love wasn’t real.
At the end of Act III, scene iii,what does Othello say he will do about Cassio?about Desdemona? Who will be his lieutenant now? Kill him, kill her/Iago
Explain Othello’s change of heart He now believes she is having an affair with Cassio because she doesn’t have the handkerchief
In act III, scene iii, Desdemonais “tried” and found guilty, withIago as the prosecutor andnobody to act as her defense.Analyze Iago’s argumentsagainst Desdemona. What”evidence” does he present? That she doesn’t have the handkerchief and that she has been secretly talking/meeting with Cassio
How convincing is theevidence? What flaws do yousee in Iago’s case? Given theevidence presented, is Othelloright to condemn Desdemona? It isn’t convincing because I know the facts and he has no proof. Give the evidence he doesn’t know the whole truth still.
Analyze the role that jealousyplays in this act. What is thenature of jealousy, according toIago and Emilia? Is Othello anaturally jealous person? Howdoes jealousy change Othello’sview of the world?
Is Othello right that “’tis betterto be much abused / Than butto know’t a little?” Is ignorancebliss? Yes and no if you don’t know something it can’t hurt you but if you don’t know it it’ll get worse.
How does Desdemona try to help Cassio? Set up dinner with othello
What event in Scene 3 does Iago use to stir up Othello’s doubts about Cassio? Cassio runs away when he saw Othello’s
What happens in Act 3 to the handkerchief Desdemona tries to use to soothe Othello? He falls on the floor and Emilia gives it to Iago
What does the tortured Othello demand of Iago? To kill Cassio
Which characters lie knowingly in Act 3 and about what? Desdemona-having handkerchief Iago-about the affair with Cassio & DesEmilia- not knowing where the handkerchief is
Scene 3 is often referred to as the temptation scene, in which Iago, like Satan, misleads Othello. What are some of the techniques Iago uses to plant suspicion in Othello’s mind? Keeping it a “secret” saying he doesn’t have to share his thoughts
What emotion does Iago warn Othello against? What irony do you sense in his warning? Jealousy, he is jealous of Cassio
What contradictory feelings toward Desdemona does Othello express in Scene 3? What contrasting images does Othello use to reveal his confusion? He loves her then hates her
In the course of Scene 3 Othello admires, trust, doubts, makes demands of, and gets angry with Iago. How would you describe the relationship between Othello and Iago by the scene’s end? Trust and anger at the same people
Key themes of the play involve the passions of love and jealousy are displayed in the play? Roderigo, jealousy due to job/position
Scene 3, lines 60-89 (“Why, then, tomorrow night…To leave me but a little to myself”.) Desdemona
Scene 3,lines 257-276 (“This fellows of exceeding honesty…When we do quicken”) Othello
Scene 3 lines 356-380 (“Villian, be sure thou prove my love a *****!…And loses that it works for.”) Othello
Scene 3, line 380-387 (“By the world… Would I were satisfied!”) Othello
Scene 3, lines 425-428 (“But this denoted a foregone conclusion… I’ll tear her all to pieces!”) Othello
Scene 4,lines 53-99 (“Lend me thy handkerchief…Away!”) Othello
Scene 4, 141-155 (“Something sure of state… And he’s indicted falsely.”) Desdemona
Scene4 , lines 180-196 (“Take me this work out…. But that you do not love me!”) Cassio & Bianca
Cassio referring to Iago as kind and honest in Scene 1 is an example of Dramatic Irony
Iago urges Cassio to seek Desdemona’s help in getting his position back because Iago wants Othello to see Desdemona and Cassio talking privately
In a famous metaphor in Scene 3, Iago compares jealousy to The green-eyed monster
How does Iago obtain possession of Desdemona’s handkerchief? Emilia finds it and gives it to Iago.
What does Desdemona lie about Scene 4? She claims she still has the handkerchief when she knows she has lost it.
“But I do love thee! And when I love thee not,/ Chaos is come again.” Othello
“Good name in man and woman…/Is the immediate jewel of their souls.” Iago
“Away at once with love and jealousy!” Iago
“O beware my lord of jealousy!/It is the green eyed monster which doth mock/The meat it feeds on.” Iago