Othello Act III

What is the purpose of the brief scene with the clown and the musicians? To show that Cassio was trying to get on Othello’s good side; a comic relief from the drama.
Analyze how Iago works on Othello’s suspicions in scene 3. Cassio ask Iago and Desdemona for help, but when Othello walks in, he stops his conversation.
What was Cassio’s relationship with Othello before the beginning of the play? They had a good relationship; Othello trusted Cassio and Cassio respected Othello.
How does the handkerchief serve as a plot device in Act III? What role does sheer chance play to Iago’s use of the handkerchief to exact revenge? It was a gift from Othello’s mother & he gave it to Desdemona, she loses the handkerchief & Iago planted it in Cassio’s room. Othello states it has magically powers.
How is the theme if jealousy developed in Act III? Before you listen to other people, control yourself, don’t believe everything you hear, jealousy is a green eye monster, jealousy can victimize people.
How is Emilia characterized? A simple woman; she has common sense; blindly loyal; talks about jealousy; She isn’t like Iago; doesn’t have evil intentions.
How does Emilia’s remark about jealousy comment on the theme of the play? She thinks jealousy is a green eye monster; bad emotion that imprisons us; similar thought to Iago.
What hope does Desdemona cling to in scene 4? Desdemona clings to her cousin for help.
What is Cassio’s relationship to Bianca? She is a prostitute; She loves him but he doesn’t feel the same.
What has become of Cassio’s hope to appeal Othello through Desdemona by the end of Act III? Cassio is hoping Desdemona would put in a good word for him, unaware Iago already made him part of his evil plot.