Othello Act II

He is going to put doubt in Desdemona and Othello’s relationship. What does Iago mean when he says, “But I’ll set down the pegs that make this music, as honest as I am?”
Cassio Who is the “fly” that Iago plans to “trap in his web?”
His plan is to get Cassio fired. What is Iago’s plan when he tells Roderigo to go after the lieutenant?
He plans to make Othello think that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio. In Iago’s soliloquy at the end of page 59, how does he plan to manipulate Othello and turn him against Desdemona?
Iago still believes Othello is having an affair with Emília and Cassio might have an affair with her as well. What does Iago state in his soliloquy on page 63 that implies his need for revenge against Othello?
His plan is to get Cassio drunk so that Cassio makes rash decisions. What is Iago’s underlying plan when he is put on guard duty with Michael Cassio during the citadel’s feast?
The characters, especially Othello, believe Iago is honest and loyal yet Iago is a liar. How do the characters’ opinions of Iago differ from what the audience already knows about him?
He has a low drinking ability. (lightweight) What is Cassio’s weakness that Iago takes advantage of?
Cassio Who does Iago tell Roderigo that Desdemona is in love with?
Iago says that Cassio should talk to Desdemona. What does Iago advise Cassio to do to get his position as lieutenant back?
He compares Cassio to a fly in a web because he’s going to metaphorically trap him in his plan. “He takes her by the palm…Would they were clyster-pipes for your sake!” (2, 1, 167-177).In this aside, who does Iago compare to a fly in a web? Why?
Iago is not honest, so he wants Othello’s and Desdemona’s relationship” to be as tainted as his honesty. “O, you are well tuned…As honest as I am.” (2, 1, 199-201).What is the irony in this aside by Iago?
He wants Roderigo to anger drunken Cassio so they can fight. This physical argument would later lead to Cassio’s discharge as second in position. “How now, Roderigo…after the lieutenant, go.” (2, 3, 136-137). What is Iago’s ulterior motive understood from this aside?
The “he” in this soliloquy is Othello. Iago says, “wife for wife” because he is going to plot revenge against Othello’s marriage just like he believes Othello did to his by sleeping with Emilia. He wants to use Michael Cassio as a pawn in his plan. “Hath leap’d into my seat…till I am even’d with him, wife for wife…” (2, 1, 300-303).Who is the “he” in this soliloquy? Why does Iago say, “wife for wife?”
Iago will convince Othello that Cassio and Desdemona are having an affair, and Othello constantly seeing them will reinforce Iago’s lies. “As I do now: for whiles this honest fool…I’ll pour this pestilence into his ear…” (2, 3, 354-357)How does Cassio’s pleading to Desdemona fit into Iago’s overall plan?
Roderigo thinks that Iago is helping him get Desdemona, but the audience knows that it’s just a part of Iago’s scheme. In scene 3, Roderigo wants to return to Venice, but Iago persuades him to stay in Cyprus. How is this an example of dramatic irony?
By giving him advice to ask Desdemona for help, Cassio thinks that Iago is trying to help him; however, this will only reinforce the rumor that Cassio and Desdemona are having an affair by Iago’s instigations. In scene 3, Othello fires Cassio for attacking Montano during the party. Although Iago knows this is an asset to his scheme, he gives Cassio advice on how to get his job back. How is this an example of dramatic irony?
By this line, Iago is saying that he will tell Othello some rumors which will instigate that Cassio is having an affair with his wife. “I’ll pour this pestilence into his ear…” (2, 3, 357). How does this line relate to Iago’s scheme to convince Othello that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio?
The defeat of the Turks leads to the party which leads to Cassio getting drunk and eventually getting fired. This fits into Iago’s overall plan. How does the defeat of the Turks lead to Iago’s plan slowly succeeding?
Iago wants Cassio because since he knows he gets drunk easily, it will be easy to get him to fight and eventually get him fired for reckless behavior. He then gets fired because he stabs Montano, which will lead to the rest of his plan. Why does Iago want Cassio to drink? How does this help with his devised plan?
He wants to take away his position as lieutenant. Why does Iago compare Cassio to a fly getting trapped in his web?
He doesn’t want Roderigo there so that he is not questioned. Iago whispers to Roderigo telling him to leave when he says, “Away, I say; go out and cry a mutiny.” What does Iago mean by this?
He wants to make it seem as if they were together more to make Othello jealous. Why does Iago want to convince Desdemona to talk to Cassio after Cassio was fired?
Iago tries to get Cassio drunk and eventually he kills Montano. What does Iago try to make Cassio do something to offend the people from Cyprus?
When something happens, he tells the whole story except the part where he manipulates Roderigo into fighting Cassio which started the problem in the first place. Othello and Cassio think that Iago is honest, but the audience and the readers know he’s not. What does Iago do that makes Othello and Cassio trust him so much?
He tells him so that he can get revenge on Othello for not making him lieutenant. The audience knows that Cassio isn’t in love with Desdemona. Why does Iago tell Roderigo that Cassio and Desdemona are in love?
Iago makes Cassio get drunk and then Cassio stabs Montano for holding him back when he was to fight Roderigo. What happens among Cassio, Iago, and Montano at the party?
Cassio stabs Montano. What does Cassio do to Montano?
He does this so Iago can prove to Othello that Cassio is irresponsible and untrustworthy. He sets him up to get his position. Why does Iago try to get Cassio drunk?
He plans to either get Desdemona to keep talking about Cassio to Othello, or to get Othello to catch the two together. What are the next two moves in Iago’s plans?
Iago is using Roderigo as bank and manipulating Roderigo to do what he wants. What is the true relationship between Roderigo and Iago?
He feels Roderigo is a fool and is only using him for money, he hates Othello for “sleeping with his wife”, and his plan is to make Othello jealous and think Desdemona is cheating. How does Iago truly feel about Othello and Roderigo?
Montano is the governor of Cyprus. He was an important asset to Iago’s plan because Iago plans on getting Cassio drunk which would lead him to stabbing Montano. Montano caused it to be a big deal since he is the governor. Who was the governor of Cyprus? Why was he an important asset to Iago’s plan? Explain.
Iago tells Cassio to get closer to Desdemona because Desdemona is Othello’s captain and will follow his commands. By Cassio getting closer to Desdemona, Othello will get jealousy and will want to kill Cassio. Why does Iago tell Cassio to get closer to Desdemona? What do you think will be some conflicts that will come his way?
He tells him to leave. What does Iago tell Roderigo to do after Cassio exits the citadel?
It’s because Iago knows Cassio would can’t hold his liquor and would react violently. What does Iago specifically choose intoxication to sabotage Cassio?
The rumor that Othello slept with Iago’s wife What rumor truthful or not fuels Iago’s revenge even further?
He leaves out the fact that Iago was the one who got Cassio drunk and that Roderigo was there. When Iago is speaking to Othello after the incident with Cassio and Montano, what specific details does he leave out and for what purpose?
Iago knows that if he gets Cassio to drink that he will get in a fight. “If I can fasten but one cup upon him, with that which he hath drunk to-Night already, he’ll be as full of quarrel and offense as my young mistresses’ dog.” How did this quote apply to Iago plan for sabotaging Cassio?
They are celebrating their victory over the Turks and Othello’s marriage. Why are the Venetians celebrating in the citadel with a feast?
Cassio drives Montano with his sword. Who does Cassio drive with his sword?