Othello Act I

How does the way Shakespeare begins the play immediately involve the audience? Describe the use of exposition in Act I. The conversation between Iago & Roderigo brings in the attention of the audience. The first part of the play is almost like an exposition because we find out what’s going on.
What imagery does Iago use to describe Othello and Desdemona’s elopement, and what conflict does that imagery develop? Iago uses the imagery of 2 animals sexual, religious and racial comment. This develops a conflict because that is very disrespectful to say about anybody.
How does Iago enlist the aid and the trust of Roderigo in the first scene? Iago promises Roderigo that if he helps his plot, that Roderigo can have Desdemona to himself.
What impending crisis does the Duke and his senators face at the beginning of Scene 3? They addressed the Armada that ships are coming to attack.
Why is Brabantio’s suit against Othello balked? They need Othello to fight & Desdemona cleared all of the allegations up by saying she wasn’t under a spell.
How does Brabantio feel about Othello? He feels resentful of Othello.
How does Othello defend himself against Brabantio’s charges of witchcraft? By stating he doesn’t believe in witchcraft & it was a pure life.
What kind of impression does Desdemona create in the third scene of the play? Someone who is strong. She believes that if you feel something is right you should do it.
How does Iago continue to manipulate Roderigo at the end of the act? Iago tells him to sell everything & bring back the money.
What sort of ironies surround Iago in the 1st act of the play? Iago is referred to as “honest Iago.” Also the fact that Roderigo believes everything Iago is saying.
At the end of Act I, what have we learned about Iago’s motives in the play? We learned that Iago has a huge grudge against Cassio and wants to bring him down. He also wants to profit off of Roderigo. He also wants to receive all the praise & trust that Othello receives.
How is Othello’s status as a “Tragic Hero” established in the first Act? He has the “noble” quality and the audience can tell that people respect him.