Othello Act 5, scene 2

Othello Plans to kill Desdemona–Iago told him to strangle her in the bed in which she cheated. Once he realizes what he has done, and all of Iago’s lies, he expresses his remorse and true sorrow, then kills himself.
Desdemona Dutiful wife to the very end. Strangled by Othello.
Emilia Arrives too late. Eventually, stabbed by Iago.
Iago Finally revealed as the villian. He kills Emilia, his wife, to try to save himself.
Lodovico Authority at the very end–demotes Othello and tells the guards to take Iago away.
Cassio He is brought to the room, where Desdemona’s body lies. He understands, too late, the entire web of lies that Iago has created. He comes to aid of his friend Othello–gives him a dagger.