Othello – Act 5 Review

Restitution compensation or return for injury or loss
Direful extremely bad; horrible; awful
Forfend to keep away; or prevent
Pernicious having a harmful effect; fatal
Odious extremely unpleasant; repulsive; detestable
Puny small or weak
Interim in the mean time; a short period of time; temporary
Extenuate to not prolong; to not exaggerate
Iago “Roderigo will want restitution for killing Cassio.”
Grantiano “That man’s cries sound direful!”
Othello “Desdemona, I do not want to kill you before you forfend your soul.”
Emilia “If Iago said that Desdemona cheated on you, I hope his pernicious soul rots in hell.”
Emilia “Then Iago told a lie, an odious, sick lie.”
Othello “I’m not that strong if a puny nobody can take my sword.”
Lodovico “We think he was going to send the letter to Cassio, but in the interim, Iago stepped in.”
Othello “Don’t tone down the things that I have done or extenuate them out of hostility.”