Othello – Act 5 Quotes

5.1 Stage directions mirror the opening scene of darkness and secrecy. Entrapment in the cyclical structure of the poem – this tragedy surrounds them and they are fated to fall. Adds to the darkness, suspense and a foreboding atmosphere. “Night. A street”
5.1OthelloIronic as Iago is actually a coward – rather than facing his problems and grievances head on like a brave and honest soldier should, he does everything in the shadows seen in Act 1, and keeps his machinations secret and sly. Afraid of conflict? “O Brave Iago”
5.1OthelloJustifies killing Desdemona on their wedding sheets as he believes they have already been stained – context – loss of virginity symbolised by blood on wedding sheets. “thy bed, lust stained, shall with lust’s blood be spotted”
5.2OthelloShows that he still cares about his reputation, his “title”, and believes that he should be remembered for his military success rather than for his poor actions. “Speak of me as I am”
5.2 OthelloRealises that he did not love in a smart way as he was easily jealous and naïve – shows that loving too strongly can lead to terrible consequences. Love is not good in excess “One that loved not wisely but too well”
5.2EmiliaEmphasises their difference in race, the fear that everyone had all along. Desdemona was pure and innocent while Othello enacts his racial stereotype. “O, the more angel she, and you the blacker devil”
5.2 OthelloCompares himself to a racial stranger showing he has become who everyone feared he was. Compares Desdemona to something white, pure and precious. Context – Europeans viewed Native Americans as people who were too ignorant to know the expense and value of what they gave away. “base Indian” “threw a pearl away”
5.2OthelloTells a story of killing an enemy of the state at war before stabbing himself – shows he considers himself an enemy of the state that value him of “Valiant”. Links to when Cassio stabs Montano and he compares them to Turks. “a Turbaned Turk” “And smote him – thus”
5.2OthelloHis last poetic words show he is still in love with Desdemona and cannot comprehend his own conflicting feelings. “I kissed thee ere I killed thee, no way but this: Killing myself, to die upon a kiss”
5.2LodovicoCompares Iago to an animal showing his ruthless barbarity. Shows the class issue as they see him merely as a pet – ironic as pets are supposed to be loyal. “O Spartan Dog”