Othello Act 5

What is Iago’s plan for Cassio? His plan is to kill Cassio and have Rodrigo do it for him.
What are the two reasons that Iago wants Cassio dead? 1. Cassio is a better person than Iago which makes him feel uncomfortable.2. Cassio could figure out and unfold Iago’s devious plan.
Iago feels it would benefit him if Cassio manages to kill Rodrigo. Why would that benefit hime? Because if Rodrigo was dead Iago would never have to pay him back for all the stolen jewelry and money.
What saves Cassio from dying during the fight? Iago hits a spot on his body that is not fatal.
When Iago kills Roderigo why does he say,”O damn’d Iago! O inhuman dog!”? At his last seconds alive he finally figures out Iago’s plan.
Why is it important that Gratiano and Lodovico show up at the fight? Because Iago would have probably killed Cassio.
Why does Iago use Bianca as an easy target to make it seem as if she tried to kill Cassio? -Bianca is pale and flustered making her seem guilty.
Why does Iago say, “No; Heaven forfend! I would not kill thy soul!” This quote means Othello is telling Desdemona to pray so when he kills her she goes to heaven.
Before Desdemona dies, she tells Emilia she killed herself. Why? She loves Othello and does not want him to get in trouble.
Why does Emilia repeat the phrase “My husband” three times? She is finally putting together that her husband is behind all of this chaos.
Othello admits to planning Cassio’s murder with Iago. Cassio is shocked because he has done no harm to Othello. What is Othello’s response what does he realize?
What is Othello’s request for Lodovico?
Othello kills himself and Lodovico and Gratiano prepare to return to Venice. What will become of Cassio and Iago?