Othello Act 5

Bobb’d (Definition) stole
Bobb’d (Sentence) The criminals just ______________ the crowned jewels.
Fordoes (Definition) dooms
Fordoes (Sentence) How did you plunge to your _________________?
Hies (Definition) hurries away
Hies (Sentence) While having the crowned jewels the criminal ________________.
Quat (Definition) a pimple
Quat (Sentence) Having a ____________ means your going through puberty.
Rapier (Definition) a dagger
Rapier (Sentence) A ____________ can be used to kill someone.
Alabaster (Definition) a white stone often carved into moutains
Alabaster (Sentence) There’s an _____________ on the mountain over there.
Compt (Definition) the final reckoning
Compt (Sentence) This is the criminal’s compt..
Coxcomb (Definition) a fool
Coxcomb (Sentence) In English there’s always one ___________________.
Fell (Definition) cruel
Fell (Sentence) The salve endured _____________ punishments.
Forfend (Definition) to forbid
Forfend (Sentence) the people of this town ___________ you from coming back.
Iteration (Definition) repitition
Iteration (Sentence) In science you do a lot of ________________.
Recognizance (Definition) a souvenir
Recognizance (Sentence) At Disney World I got ______________.
Reprobation (Definition) damnation
Reprobation (Sentence) Having _________________ is very bad.
Seamark (Definition) the point of land where a sea journey ends
Seamark (Sentence) Why does this have to be the _____________________.
Upbraids (Definition) scolds
Upbraids (Sentence) The English teacher ____________ the student for his bad behavior
Withal (Definition) with
Withal (Sentence) How is it going _____________ this girl.