Othello Act 4 Questions

the hankie What symbolizes the bond between Othello and Desdemona?
having an epileptic attack What does falling into a trance mean?
The person who said it was Iago and it was ironic because his medicine is actually poison and it makes you worse Why is the phrase “my medicine works” ironic?
he had two (1 each day) How many fits does Othello have in two days
Iago is setting up his plan to murder Iago What is Iago setting up when he asks to talk to Cassio later on?
Cuckold and horned man means to be cheated on What does cuckold and horned man mean?
He knows he is being cheated on Why is Othello better off than all the other men who are cheated on?
encave What word does Iago use to tell Othello to hide?
Iago will talk about Bianca to make Othello think he’s talking about Desdemona and make Othello jealous Who will Iago talk about with Cassio? Why?
To trick many, to be tricked by one. She is a prostitute who tricks men but is tricked by Cassio What does it mean to “to beguile many and to be beguiled by one”?
He cannot hear them to well Why does Othello believe that Iago and Cassio are talking about Desdemona when they are really talking about Bianca?
Othello thinks they are talking about Desdemona and he’s getting jealous but they really are talking about Bianca Why is Othello so upset after overhearing Iago and Cassio talking in the streets?
To have her copy it Why did Cassio give the hankie to Bianca?
he has mixed emotions Why does Othello both love and hate Desdemona?
Iago suggests an open relationship Iago suggests what could be a solution, if Othello still loves Desdemona?
Chop, poison, and strangle What are the ways Othello thinks about killing Desdemona?
Lodivico is Desdemona’s cousin Who is Lodivico in relations to Desdemona?
That Cassio is going to die that night. (“Lives, Sir”) What is ironic about Iago’s answer to Lodivico about Cassio, when Iago says Cassio lives?
Othello is saying Desdemona’s tears are fake such as a crocodile which has fake tears. What does it mean to cry like a crocodile?
Emilia is now being honest in Act 4 unlike in Act 3 How is Emilia, different in Act 4 vs Act 3?
Emilia is standing outside to guard the door Why is Emilia standing outside the door while Othello and Desdemona speak?
Desdemona thinks her father is behind Othello being back to Venice Why is Desdemona’s father brought up in act 4?
The opposite of heaven is hell and Othello thinks Desdemona is a ***** doing him wickedness like the devil Why does Othello compare Desdemona to the gate keeper opposite of St.Peter?
Othello gives Emilia money after she watches the door What does Othello give to Emilia after she watches the door?
She is still in a daze/shock from the fight Why does Desdemona say she’s half asleep after she fights with with her husband and he calls her a *****?
Tears because of Desdemona’s sorrows What does water signify or mean in act 4?
to scold(yell at someone) What does chide mean?
Iago pretends to care for her How does Iago pretend to care in scene 2 when he talks to Desdemona?
She got the jewels but he had no pay off. What is one thing Roderigo is upset about at this point in act 4?
To talk to Desdemona, get the jewels back, and if she doesn’t have the jewels then he’s gunna get the money from Iago. What is Roderigo’s plan before he leaves Cyprus?
He’s going to have Roderigo kill Cassio, and if Desdemona is not Roderigo’s the next day then Roderigo can kill Iago? What is Iago’s plan to help Roderigo?
Mauritania, Africa If Cassio lives where will Desdemona be according to Iago?
12 am and 1 am Between which 2 hours will Cassio die?
to be back up What does being a second mean?
The sheets will be used as a shroud, and a shroud is something that covers your body when you’re dead. What is a shroud and how will Desdemona’s wedding dress be used at the end of this play?
So he can change the rules and make cheating a good thing. Why would Emilia want her husband to be the king of the world?
Because their wives learned to cheat, by watching their husbands cheat. Why do women cheat according to Emilia?